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11 Customer Reviews

by Kyle M. on 10/26/2017
"I have a lancer tactical mmc and i want to upgrade the trigger response and rof could you guys do that.
by Andres R. on 09/23/2017
"Okay so I have a lancer tactical fal and the connector wires fried and i tried fixing it myself but i didnt want to get into the gear box and motor so i left it alone the gun is taken apart right now how much would it cost me to get the wire replaced and put the gun back together i just took off the barrel and dust cover that is easy to put back on
by Isaac H. on 08/06/2016
"I have a kwa a m9 ptp gas pistol. It fell out of my holster and in to sand. After washing it out, it still wouldn't cycle. If I buy the springs it needs from the kwa site will evike install them for me. One spring is for the trigger, which is a easy fix. But the second spring is in the frame that controls the gas valve sear. Thanks for always going up and beyond customer service.
by jakob t. on 05/31/2015
"i have a lancer tactical full metal pdw and the problem i have is that both of the wires broke at the connection point of them so i was wondering if i sent in my gun then it will fix it. thank you for your time.
by Robert L. on 04/12/2015
"I have an AGM M4 that I opened up to downgrade the spring and now it doesn't shoot. Can you fix it
by Lucas B. on 02/12/2014
"I have an ARES Tar-21 and was wondering you guys could put in a new bucking, cylinder, cylinder head, air nozzle, piston, and piston head.
by Wyatt M. on 11/17/2011
"Dear Webmaster,
I have an bravo RDW that i opened up cause it didn't shoot at all when pull of trigger with full battery. I don't know how to put the gun back together and was wondering if this labor could fix the problem and put the gun together...i also put a new echo 1 high torque motor in so maybe that did it.

Evike Tech: Yup! If you didn't loose or break any parts, we can definitely put it back easily for you. We go thru hundreds of RDW from QC, testing to repair every month for the Airsoft industry.
by Jonah J. on 11/06/2010
"I have a little bit of a problem, but first, heres some background info.

I am currently running a G&G GR16 A3 with a Matrix M160 Gearbox. However, I also put a 550mm JBU 6.01 tight bore in it. That seems to be the problem. I have been experiencing the "suck-back" effect and the way I figure it, it's because the gearbox is normally meant for an M4 base gun. A normal length M4 carbine would have somewhere in the 360's (or close to it) for barrel length. I have almost 8 inches over that.

So my question is this - if I were to send in my gearbox, would you guys at Evike be able to install a Bore-Up kit in it..? I'm thinking of going with the Element M16 Bore-Up Cylinder Set, jus tto get the extra "oomf" out of it, but am open to any suggestions.

WEbmasteR: of course!
by lance g. on 11/06/2010
"just wondering i lost the button to the stock of the dboys pdw will they be able to fix that

Anything is repairable. pride ourselves to be the only USA shop to have all the parts to all the guns we sell. (At least we try and we are 99% more complete than any other garage sellers) You can special order that pdw stock part with us if you want.
by brady c. on 10/09/2010
"and if so do i just send it to an adress and theyll fix it and send it back and if so whats the address

Webmaster: You email us at [email protected] to request for the service and instructions will then be given.
by brady c. on 10/09/2010
"i have a question would they fix my m249 if i didn't know what was wrong with it

Webmaster : Of course, we don't claim we have the best tech in the country randomly like other retailers, we DO.

Why? Because our tech works for and thus they have more experience in working with guns than all the other small retailers can ever accumulate. They also get factory direct support which means info no others have.