Reviews: Matrix 1x30 Military Grade Illuminated Red / Green Dot Sight Scope w/ QD Weaver Base

$35.00 $28.70

57 Customer Reviews
Model: RD-MTX-1x30RGW
Location: L7-019

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by Jesse K. on 2009-03-22 09:38:01
"Overall an ok red dot. The first time I tried putting this on my KWA m4a1 one of the nuts stripped the bolt. I put threadlock on their to hold it for a game but will have to replace that bolt. The light is very dim in the day. In the heat of battle I dont even look for the dot really.

So I would like a brighter dot and higher quality mounting bolts.

But for 35 bucks its better than the iron sights.
by D-trick H. on 2009-03-20 09:33:12
"its ok, battery sucks, dies quick. nice when a good batt is in
by andrew p. on 2009-03-10 12:09:55
"realy good scope for only 35 bucks. its all metal, and it is very easy to sight in. this fits RIS rails.
i realy love it!!! great high quality red/green dot.

scope covers
matrix signature
and great quality.

my biggest consern is the scope covers...
they come off b/c of a metal peice that slides off b/c of the rubberish cover hold.

overall great for CQB and for normal play.
by Austin d. on 2009-03-09 16:34:46
"Will this scope fit the Star Airsoft Custom IKA ZUCHI Type O Middle Range Battle Rifle???

Webmaster: Yes. The Ika Zuchi has a weaver rail mount base and this scope has a weaver mount. (20mm standard rails and rail mounts)
by Maggie C. on 2009-02-19 16:53:24
"This is a great red dot scope. It is full metal and comes with lense covers when your not using it. It comes with 2 batteries so you have an extra if your 1st one runs out and it also comes with a little green cloth to wipe your lenses clean with. This is actually a leapers red dot scope. The red dot itself is wonderful and bright. It helps so much with aiming. If you are tired of looking through iron sights or just want a red dot, this is a great scope to buy and its cheap.
by Naavid H. on 2008-12-26 21:44:25
"Great scope for the price. Once you get it sighted in (which is not the difficult) your gun will become amazingly accurate. Looks great to. I would recommend this to beginning players and people with a low budget. Buy this, you will not be disappointed.
by Leanne P. on 2008-12-26 14:38:54
"will this scope fit on my jg m4 s system enhanced?

Webmaster: This fits 20mm rails. And it will fit any gun with a 20mm rail. So yes, it will fit Ssystem, G36C, M4....ect with weaver / 20mm rail.
by jake f. on 2008-12-03 15:28:33
"i have 3 of these believe it or not....i have one oy jg tokyo maruari p90...and my kwa m4a1...awsome and only scope ill ever buy again
by Denes D. on 2008-11-30 03:31:56
"This is one of the best red dot scope I ever own. The weaver mount mounts it onto just about any gun. I use it for my real AR when I take it out shooting. Good for CQB and speed shooting.
by Janice A. on 2008-11-12 15:39:53
"Of course it fits a G36C. The carrying handle of a G36C is a 20mm rail.

This scope you'll like. I have one and it works like a charm.
by Kenny T. on 2008-11-10 11:04:17
"will this fit the JG G36C i dont wanna waste money either lol
by Michael J. on 2008-11-10 00:01:00
"Yes, this scope will fit all the M4 / M16 series. You can use the rail that is already on your gun under the carrying handle. Or buy a carrying handle mount (thats like $10).

This scope fits all 20mm rails. It has a built in weaver mount. Will fit all the AK, G36, MP5 series too.

A very nice scope. Has red and green dot. Works like a charm! It will immediately provide you with more tactical advantage. Spare batteries are cheap here at evike CR2032. (One of the problem with a lot of red dot scope are that the retailers don't carry the battery for it and they are super expensive in retail stores.)

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 57 reviews)

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