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Summer Sale! 20% OFF (Exclusions apply, see details)   Use Code: SUMMER2017 120 Round Mid-cap Magazine For G36 SL9 XM8 Series Airsoft AEG (Box Set of 5)

26 Customer Reviews

by Brett T. on 04/24/2014
"First of all, I want to say that all of the other Magazines I've purchased for my JG G36(not any of the G36 variants), have been awful. Either falling apart out of the box(from Airsplat, NOT EVIKE), chips and various parts breaking off, or have looked like they've been used and poorly refurbished. I've had feeding issues with every kind of Magazine I've purchased so far as well. I've tried all of the different HiCaps, including Flash, Gear, and auto-winding Drum/Mag. Terrible for the G36 so far.

These are legitimately brand new, and VERY solid. These have certainly never been touched aside from being produced and even carry that new smell. They fit in the magazine well perfectly, and come out with ease(though they do not fall out with the press of the magazine release). The feeding is nearly 100% for every Mag. That's the kind of efficiency I look for! Albeit these are MidCaps... It'll be far more enjoyable and reliable.

For the price of $55 for 5, which is $11 for 1, this is outstanding quality.
by Robert H. on 12/21/2013
"They fit fine in my JG before and after modding. Overall i highly recommend these mags because they are cheap and I can unload a whole mag at 22rps without a single mis-feed. I 100% recommend these if you are looking for good midcap magazines for your G36.
by Corey R. on 12/21/2013
"i have 3 highcap mags and i want to no if i should buy a couple of these just cause u dont have to wind them, and are they made out of plastic too?

Webmaster: Yes they are made out of plastic and I would suggest using mid caps for realism.
by Ben H. on 12/21/2013
"These mags are great I just got 2 of them yesterday and they hold between 125-135 BBís but you will have to load and unload them 3 or 4 times before they hold that much and I havenít had any misfeeds in the few thousand shoots Iíve taken with them.
by Brian S. on 09/14/2013
"First, I will start off by saying these are AMAZING!!!!!!

I ordered these primarily because of the price and then read some of the negative reviews (there aren't many) and became kind of hesitant.

I read up on all of the positive reviews and figured it wouldn't hurt to try it. Worst case, I'd just return them. need to return them now.

As soon as I got these in yesterday I took the mags apart and used some airsoft silicon spray that I ordered off another website. First, I unscrewed the bottom (hex screw) and then removed the middle portion that houses the spring. On the housing, there's only ONE screw at the top where the bb's are fed through (middle screw) that needs to be removed. Once you do that, the top will pop off because of the spring being under tight pressure. Just hold the top while you're unscrewing the middle screw.

Slowly raise the lid and the spring will come out (it doesn't really shoot out that fast). The spring is pretty tough so it's hard to bend it or break it but still be very careful. I shot a little silicon spray down in the chamber where the spring feeds and then fed the spring back through using both of my fingers. One hand pushing the spring in, the other hand slowly holding the tension back.

Took me all of 5 minutes for each mag. Loaded up about 100 bb's in each (I tried to shove the advertised 140 but I think I need some more time to break the spring in) and tested them in my Umarex H&K G36KV AEG blow back and each bb fed perfectly. Not one misfire or mishap.

On top of that, they really don't make any sound when you shake them after loading, just as advertised. Makes it that much easier for me to run around without bbs shaking all over the place giving away my position. Sneak attack son!

I am extremely happy.
by Hunter M. on 09/08/2012
"Probably some of the best Mid-caps I've ever bought. They feed flawlessly. They fit great into my Custom/JG/ Echo 1 G36. These are the result of putting silicon oil in the the mag feeding tube before use. But after that, you shouldn't have a problem.

5/5 Just plain amazing.
by Eric B. on 08/06/2012
"Purchased for use in the Ares G36KV.

Mags are solid construction of polymer but feel quite sturdy, with no wobble.

Gun feeds about 95% of the mag without issue, last 5% takes some fidgeting but is usual for airsoft mags.

Over all good buy if you want to maintain true to the G36 and don't want to go with the Magpul P-Mags
by Pat R. on 04/23/2012
"I've only had these mags for a day, but I am very pleased with them already.

They all feed well.
No winding (I hate winding Hicaps!)
Fit my ARES G36C. (Which happens to be picky about magazines, it can only take these)
They aren't very expensive.

You don't have them!
by Craig H. on 04/01/2012
"I have purchased these for my Golden Eagle G36C.
When I got these (ordered 2 of them), I loaded them with my CYMA speed loaders (120+ rd capacity). They misfeeded, but after unloading them (with help of a stick), I sprayed silicone oil down the feed end and they function flawless! Full, semi, they work! These are great when a wind-up mag is not part of the game! No rattle plus higher capacity than standard mags! Gonna order a few more! Just remember to lube them!
by Ross H. on 04/01/2012
"These are great midcaps. I just bought three of them for my KWA G36c. I was a little disappointed at first because they came in DBOYS packaging and did not lock into the magwell but after a little modding and lubing they locked firmly into the magwell and fed fine. I recommend spraying some silicon oil into the mag before loading it or you may have to manually unload each bb. If you buy these for a KWA then you will have to file a tiny bit off the back of the mag to get it to lock into the magwell. It took me about ten seconds of filing on each mag to get them to lock into place. They fit fine in my JG before and after modding. Overall i highly recommend these mags because they are cheap and I can unload a whole mag at 22rps without a single misfeed. One thing to note is that they only hold 115 rounds but thats not really a problem. I 100% recommend these if you are looking for good midcap magazines for your G36.
by Cole B. on 01/25/2011
"I bought these magazines awhile ago and cant be more happy with what i bought. Yes it is true they do need much breaking in, but after they performed perfectly, not breaking or becoming stuck once.
Overall best magazines for any G36C they fit
by Skylar L. on 12/31/2008
"Very very nice mags...

They feed perfectly on my CA G36C and ill never regret buying them. If u guys didnt know... yes they are marui compatible for all the noobs who ask. That means that most major companies which are marui compatible that make G36 guns, these mags can fit inside them... Anyways back to my review...

They have very nice texture out of the box. flawless design and realli the price? ehhh itz still good compared to others but im realli fine with it!!! Got 2 boxes of 5 for my gun and ill never regret it. The only thing that u have to watch out for is that when u get them out of the box, u better spray some lube in the bb chamber becuz mine somehow was dry and the mags always got jammed. but itz no biggie!!! just spray some airsoft lube and NOT WD40!!!!! The lube problem is so minor to me, that these mags still receive 5 stars... It also does have a feature of caliber trademarks on the side of the mag

140 in one
Nice texture/design
flawless feeding
no wobble in the mag well
very durable
nice click to know your ready to rock & roll

Only the lubing out of the box (minor issue)

Overall the price i think is ok---good so i think itz a good deal.

by ridge m. on 11/09/2008
"great mags.i have a custom star xm8 with my own modifcations on it and these mags fit it and they shot just fine.i havent had a problem with them yet
by Michael C. on 10/04/2008
"do these fit the jg G36c. I have a jg G36c and i want extra mags but i dont want the hi caps
by joann r. on 08/03/2008
"i have an echo 1 g36c and these feed great! i only loaded the mag to about 90 rds and it didnt misfeed once. well worth the money.