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Model: GP-WG-CO2-1911-B

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by Matthew D. on 2015-06-27 16:31:05
"I took this cheap plastic Airsoft gun apart and checked out the internals. It's a super simple design. The weight is actually from cast-iron solid metal pieces that fit into grooves inside the frame. As far as I know there is no adjustable hop up at all -- it simply does not exist, so that is wrong description.

It is a powerful gun and it is reliable. Be careful not to force the plastic too much if you must do maintenance, it is quite thin but sturdy when together. Be sure to lube your C02 seals before inserting another one otherwise you will have leaks like many people have written here in the reviews section. Stick to one brand of c02 cartridge as you may deform the seal with a different one. Common sense, people!

I bought this as a plinker, I currently do not play matches at the moment. The high muzzle velocity is definitely not recommended for CQB. 0.25g's recommended.

One thing that I am very disappointed in is that the accessory rail was moulded wrong and actually leans to one side so equipping a laser is pointless and adjusting a laser on the rails is not an option as it is so off-center. I just put a cheap flash light on there instead.

I would say if you want a backup side-arm, this is your cheapest most effective option.
by Zach P. on 2014-07-25 16:58:14
"This was a good gun for the first few months I had it. I don't really know why, but eventually the seal for the co2 compartment just started leaking. At first it was just a little bit, but it got worse and worse. But while it was working it was a good, hard-hitting pistol. It had pretty good range for a pistol. The body is ABS plastic, but it feels nice and has a realistic weight to it. Over all a pretty good gun, just watch out for it leaking.
by cheryl a. on 2012-09-22 18:30:23
"there is not a pistol that i rather have as my back up than this
it has CRAZY power
tuff as mess
the CO2 compartment is sealed very well
by Max K. on 2012-07-19 16:06:43
"Great secondary. I bought this because of the FPS and was definitely not disappointed. I brought a chrono to the field and was firing a consistent 425 FPS. I bought this pistol as a secondary not a CQB replacement so the FPS was perfect, but at close range this will def. leave a blood blister or even make you bleed if you're close enough.

1. FPS(packs quite a punch)
2. Weighted well despite the plastic construction
3. Most co2 stick type mags are compatible

1. Not very realistic (Plastic, NBB)
2. High FPS (Not for CQB)
3. Must stay clean, as with any gun, dirt will cause malfunctions. My mag release popped out after i dropped and dug it through the dirt (.....Weird) but thats kind of a given.
by Jake Y. on 2012-04-17 19:42:11
"I don't think that there is any pistol in this price range that is better than this one. Another huge plus is the mags are only $15 and three of them fit in one pistol mag pouch. Because of a lack of hop up, the pistol does not have great range, but it is sufficient for a secondary. I got around 100 shots on one CO2 tank on a 40 degree Fahrenheit day, which is good.

Price is low
Mags cost very little
Gas efficient

No hop up
Trigger pull is not smooth
by Julian T. on 2012-02-19 14:50:39
"All I can say about this pistol, is WOW. The Co2 housing compartment is a very good concealment, the Magazines hold 15 rounds, 8 rounds more than the typical 7 round mag! The only downside to this awesome sidearm is that it doesn't have a hopup, so longer range shots will HAVE to be arced.

*450 FPS with .20s
*Accurate with .23s
*Loud (Could be Con for some, but Pro to me)
*Looks BEAST
*ABS body feels nice, with a weighted feel to it
*Mag holds 15 rounds (Now that's not Hi-Cap, but better than 7 rounds!)
*Safety isn't too awkward if you have long fingers like I do

*FPS may be alittle too high for some fields
*No hopup (That I know of)
*Plastic (It's only $40, what do you expect)
*NBB (But that means it's REALLY powerful and Accurate)
*Slide does not come back (Meaning Jams are a pain to get rid of)
*Not compatible with many replacement parts

All in all, I think this $40 Gas Pistol is AWESOME. I'd take this over a $400 AEG any day.
by Vance H. on 2012-01-03 18:37:00
"Today I received my gun with CO2 right away i put it in and went in my back yard.It is super accurate and has an intimidating loud sound when fired.The part the slides open to reveal the co2 chamber is easily broken if pulled back too hard but,This is an all together good gun

1.Intimidating loud sound(also could be a con if you like to be quiet)
2.Cheap price
5.Well made

1.Slide for CO2 breaks easily
2.Can't fire very fast
And that's all the cons this is a great Beginner and Intermediate weapon and i would rate it 5/5 BUY THIS GUN!
by Rich J. on 2011-12-09 15:14:00
"This gun is amazing!!!!!!!!!
High power(could be a con)
Good side arm for a sniper
Nice grip
Weight is moderatly good
Parts are plastic (but it is $40)
Non blowback

Other than that the gun is AMAZING... Buy this!!!
by Uncle H. on 2011-11-26 19:38:37
"OH MY GOURD!!!! This is so powerful!! when I first got this i when in my back yard and shot it at a homer bucket it went through both sides! this is an amazing gun. a must buy.
by Ryan W. on 2011-01-25 15:09:41
"By far the highest power pistol ive ever seen, slightly inacurate but very power full. It even shot through my freinds bullet proof vest from about 5 feet away.
by William H. on 2011-01-14 12:32:40
"I've owned this gun for a couple years now, and i must say it is one of my favorites. for a low price, this gun is durable, accurate, and very powerful, i HIGHLY recommend this gun if you are new to CO2 guns or just want a good deal. It hits the mark every time ;)
by Benjamin K. on 2010-12-17 13:53:58
"This gun is a amazing starter or even intermediate gas/co2 pistol. I would reccomend, and have, getting this to anyone who asked for a good sidearm.
This gun feels verry good in your hand, the grip is nice, and it has a weighted feel, but yet is balanced.
The gun shoots hard, by hard, id say around 400 fps with a semi-new co2 canister, but for a pistol you wont want anything over that.
The co2 lasts for a whyle, which wont have you changing them in the heat of battle, altough between matches wont hurt.
Good accuracy. I can easly hit a man sized target at 100 ft, from right out of my holster to down range.
15rd clips/mags. That isint a hicap by any means, but it is good when compared to a 7rd one.

Non-blowback, which isint a bad thing, but it would make it cooler to have it, but that being said, blowbacks tend to use more gas, which this gun dosent have much options for.
Gas dosent last forever. You will need to change cartridges, but unless you use it as a primary, it wont be durring battle that often.
Long trigger pull and awkward saftey.
Small clip/mag, by that, it is skinny, which costs rounds, but you can fit more into a single pouch.

Overall, I give it a 5/5, because the only Cons on the gun, are purly lack of high end features (Blowback/larger clips/mags.) and gas duration.

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