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0.20g Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BB Rice Bag Bulk Buy by Matrix - 25KG/ White

15 Customer Reviews

by samuel a. on 09/19/2010
"The are 125000 BBs in thÝs GINORMOUS bag omg!!!!
1kg = 1000g
25kg = 25000g
25000/.20=125000 bbs xD
220/125000=$0.00176 Per bb
$0,00176=0.176 cents
1/0.00176= 568 bbs Per dollar!!!!
by Marty V. on 03/14/2010
"wow 125,000 bbs... thats a good price. A lot cheeper then buyin a bunch of $30 bags of only 20,000 bbs.
do the math
by Patrick S. on 03/02/2009
"pppttthhhh the way i go through ammo. this would last me a day :p
by mona o. on 02/15/2009
"yeP...them's alota bee bee's i tell ya.. . I recommend to people that are gonna buy this to figure out what weight your guns shoot best with, before you by this many. Are your bb's better?

A: Being the biggest retailer and one of the rare that warranties all of our airsoft guns. Yes, you can expect the highest quality bbs from That's a statement no other retailer can claim, since we are one of the rare few that actually deal with the source of all the best bb brands.
by Tuan T. on 02/08/2009
"This Rice Bag is worth the money. I can pretty much SWIM in this stuff. It's lasted me so far about 6 months and I'm still almost full! This is highly recommended. By the way don't tell your friends. They'd probably steal it.
by Austin S. on 01/05/2009
"I would Recomend buying the rice bag if you play airsoft alot me and my freinds bought one and we war alot and you dont have too worry about test firing and saying stop shooting youre wasting ammo so this is a good buy
by Tariq N. on 09/06/2008
"If you are an airsoft player for life, I guess you can throw $250 on this bag...I mean, one fifths of a cent per BB is a pretty good deal (approx. 125,000 BBs in this bag) in comparison to the usual one fourth of a cent per BB in a 5000 bag. Now, it is not really that is just the amount which brings big savings. For example, buying 25 bags of 5000 BBs would be about $325. If you buy at 20,000 per bag it would be 6.25 (just get 6 20ks and 1 5k) it would be about $253...I mean, 3 dollars could get you three pistols, a pen, and a barrel condom on this site! Anyways...just get this bag for the amount, not for wholesaling...
by Lanzer M. on 08/09/2008
"Dude, this bag of BB'z is EPIC all my friends are gonna be pissed cus im NEVER going to run out of BB'z now :D
by Garrett C. on 07/18/2008
"Oops wrong math. There is 136363 bb's per bag. 2272 bb's a pound.
by Garrett C. on 07/18/2008
"Actually there is 147727 bb's in a bag. That means it is a "super" good deal.
by Mike K. on 07/01/2008
"Holy crap this is 125000 bbs, thats a really good deal, just $.002 per bb
by Jacob T. on 03/03/2010
"Guess who spilt the whole bag out accidently in his room 5 minutes after getting it?
by Erik M. on 03/01/2009
"Veryyy great deal but next time I'm gonna buy a few bags of the 20,000 for $40 because then you're able to sort of customize the amount to your budget or to how many bb's you need. After all, the guy said before me that it's either $250 for this or $253 for a bunch of bags of 20,000.
by Tuan T. on 07/22/2008
"Ups put it as 57.7 lbs so if its about 2k bb's per pound i lost about 7000 bb's. But, the deal was still good and its high quality.
by michael p. on 06/03/2014
"It's not actually a good deal.
This bag has 568 bbs per dollar
It is actually cheaper to get the 20,000 bb bulk buy bag for $35.
That bag has 571 bbs per dollar, and it comes in a much more manageable sized bag.

I think it is a cheap shot on the manufacturer's part to sell one hundred and twenty five thousand bbs and not have it be a better deal than buying smaller bags individually. Come on Matrix, at least make it a better deal.

I gave this product 2 stars because the whole point of a bulk buy is to save the consumer some money, and this doesn't save you any money. Why does this product even exist, it's pointless. At least the bbs are decent though.