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Guarder M4 handguard Wire Set ( Fuse included ).

2 Customer Reviews

by Brian G. on 02/24/2014
"I bought this after finding out a Gearbox I ordered had two female crimp connectors for the front wiring.

So after I couldn't find any replacement Wire Crimp Connectors, I started searching for new handguard wiring. I came across many bumps along the way, but then realized I had come across this Guarder product before, I just didn't realize it.

Anyways, I bought this Set, and man. It's pretty good. The Fuse is 25AMPs, and has a really, really sturdy looking, promising and durable looking filament in it.

I tested it on a broken wire to see if it would short out on my M110 Gearbox with a High Torque and 9.6 Battery when I brushed them together. No shorting what so ever.

And the construction is great overall too. I have no fear of this wearing down Integrity wise. This set is a great buy for those who are switching gearboxes with Female front wiring,

Great, sturdy Filament in the 25AMP Fuse.
Fuse Housing is created from good plastic.
Tamiya Connector is also pretty good. no fear of wear for a while there either.
Male Connectors great for all Female Front Wiring Gearboxes.

Heat Shrink Tubing to keep the wires from "bowing" into unsatisfactory ways isnt that reliable. It stops shrinking at a gauge a tad bit to large.
by Ben W. on 01/30/2011
"This wire set i ordered for fixing my friends Echo1 VA AK, i needed replacements for the rear wiring. these worked perfectly. everything is good quality and the fuse included is a little weird, it burst the first time i plugged in the battery so i replaced it with my fuses and the unit works fine.

I give it a 5/5 because it works like it says in the description, and is a good price.