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by nick C. on 2008-12-17 20:59:59
"i love this vest it has many mag pouches that fit AUG mags (only one per pouch though) also they hold 2 MP5 mags and the bladder it comes with holds a lot of water and works well. it has two dump pouches that are pretty big and can hold a lot of used mags. i could find nothing wrong with this vest it was a very good investment. plus its only $40. p.s. i got ACU and it looks awesome!
by Brian O. on 2008-10-16 15:09:08
"This vest passed the test with flying colors. Lots of pockets, pouches, and mag slots. It comes with a Camelbak style bladder! My friends thoguht I was pulling their legs when i told them I got an armor compatable vest with bladder for just $40. If you are a G36 owner, recon man (like me), or just need to carry lots of things without getting worn down, get this vest. PRO: G36 Friendly!!! - Adjusts very easily - hugs the body without getting stuffy - Bladder survived my getting tackeled onto my back twice and still works just dandy! CON: It wears a tad front heavy without the water bladder. - The Mag slots have a bit of material down the middle (designed for MP5 mags and M4 mags), If you are a G36c user, this is an slight issue if you put your spent mags back in the slots. - Doesnt come in MARPAT. - Bladder water tastes a tad funny, but that is just an "out of the box" problem.
by Neal G. on 2008-08-08 00:23:26
"This vest is only $40 dollars! It has two dump pouches, about six m4 mag pouches that can hold almost two mags, and it comes with a bladder and a built in hydration carrier. This vest can hold anything you want. The only bad thing that happened was that a small zipper broke when i got it, but thats all.
by Joshua B. on 2008-08-04 22:29:49
"I really like all the pouches (had to ditch my other vest because it didn't have the ammo carrying capacity I required) Plenty of room for anything, including my helmet cam rig. fits nicely, doesn't get in the way of shooting. the open design cuts down on heat. Great vest.
by Nigel A. on 2008-07-16 12:02:11
"Thiss vest is freakin amazing haha plenttty of room for magazines and other equipment and alott of room for pistol mags.
This vest is really good for ammo whores and people that like to stay out on the battlefield for a long time without refitting.

definitely going to recommend haha
by jehova l. on 2008-07-01 22:08:08
"i was suprised how fast my vest got to me! nice vest but if your a big guy like me its too open in the front! but still a freaking sweet vest!
by Matt J. on 2008-05-31 00:39:34
"I found this jewel at the CC Military Surplus where I get my tac equipment and all I could do is gasp, for a little more than this I found the best vest I have ever seen. The cammel pack/vest combination is my savior because I play a lot of outdoor skirmishes and run a lot so I need my gatorade PRONTO! There's *two*, yes two medium sized dump-pouches, one on each side which is awesome for those with many mags, but I use the one on my right side for my King Arms 3000rd G36 single Drum Magazine, since I only have 4 straight mags and it. For all G36 users, this is your dream vest because if you use straight mags, you know finding a vest with pouches big enough can be hard, but this will hold 4 mags locked together into each dump pouch(8 mags), two in the left hand pouch(now 10...), one on the right side mag pouch(11...!?!), and one in each pouch on the shoulder straps(13 total!) and believe it or not you can actually fit them pretty comfortably(save for weight, heh heh)!! Even with all of this it still leaves you with two smaller dual MP5 mag/ Battery/ flashlight/ speeloader on your left side, an M4 mag pouch on the right, two grenade shell pouches, and another set of dual MP5 mag/ you-get-the-idea pouches to go. Oh and don't forget that hidden velcro pouch on your left side that goes across the whole side and isn't just a tiny pocket. Honestly people, this is the best vest I've used, and I've had time and ample supplies to test a LOT of vests, probably a few dozen my surpluss had let me try out. All G36 users like myself will fall in love with this vest, I use two G36's(a G36c and a G36e2 sniper) and this carries enough ammo to feed both beasts for hours, I can only imagine how much ammo you can carry with M4 mags..... good god.... good thing they give you a water pack, if you load this sucker up you'll need it just walking around! The only magazines I can't see working well in this is the UMG/UMP mags, P90 mags(i tried, my TM P90 is my backup), standard MP7 mags*hi caps will work*, and AK mags. Most other mags, however, I can imagine will work just fine. For $40 I can only ask one thing...... Why, oh WHY haven't you clicked Add to Cart yet?!?! Hahaha i'm kidding, but I'll add that I have the black one by the way and that sucker is slick, fit it to some good cammo and you're as good as 'gone' in most green areas. This is a light, comfortable, extremely versatile, and un-godly cheap vest and is likely the best deal on Evike right now in vests. I got mine and won't get another, I can't skirmish without it now as I feel defenseless and without gear. Oh, and a final note, the Desert Combat one looks pretty sick with its 2-tone black and desert color design. Buy this and you will enjoy it i swear, and if it gets too heavy tie the rear belt loops to your belt then undo the shoulder straps and let it fall back for a while :) helps out a ton in hot enviornments when not in combat or between matches.
by Duncan P. on 2008-05-10 11:50:24
"this vest is pretty good, it's alittle crazy, though, at first i bought it for ARMOUR but i would prefer something else now for armour. but it's good for an MP5, a sniper(so you could hold alot of pistol mags), or a CQB battle because i use the pouch on the back as a shotgun pouch, deffinetly a MUST BUY for starters, or rambo fans XD
by Colin P. on 2008-05-02 21:35:11
"GREAT vest, just to cluttered/mag pouches are too close together. Not my liking. Other than that it works great.

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