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Condor Modular Chest Platform Vest - Black

14 Customer Reviews

by shawn m. on 11/05/2010
"Great vest! The quality is just top dog for airsoft. Thick material all around and does dampen a direct hit. You can fit mags like the sig 550, 551, 552. Its just tight. I took the kangaroo mag straps off. The mags won’t slip out. The 300rd mag works the best. Also it seems that everyone has been saying its big and all that but…. Im 5'7'' and 170# it fits grait! You have to understand how molle works. When you first buy the vest its plane no pouch’s! so all the straps are flat! now you put on some pouches it webs together and pulls the vest tighter. now once you max that vest out it may be too small for you or just right. not to mention the mags will pull the vest tighter when you put them in anyways generaly do on bilt in mag what does nuttsy711 have to say about it! This vest is a 5 of 5 stars!
p.s. a bottled "drink" fits in each mag pouch!
by Austin R. on 05/02/2010
"I have the same vest, It is very well put together, internal hydration pouch and the built in mag pouches are great too if you like that type of pouch [ Dont let people fool you AK mags DO fit in the internal pouches ive tryed them with my AK74u Bakelite (wood) mags they fit perfectly and with ample room!] But also this thing has Molle ringy things all over it and you can also hang pouches off the side adjusting straps, but it would make it easyer if you bought the individual single plate holders to put over the straps to give you extra MOLLE, also if you burn IPs [irish pendants= little frays/strings] dont inhale the fumes it will give you the runs...

by Felix K. on 01/16/2010
"I just got this and i really like it, just like the other guys tho, im 5' 10'' and 125lbs, it seems big, so im gonna get a plate carrier to compensate for that hahah. I use it mainly for my mp5 and it carries 10 mags. I have it set up to where the are three on my left, three on my right and two on each shoulder, this set up doesnt work very well if you have full stock :P I also like this vest cuz if i feel like fielding the m4 i can just throw them into the built in pouches and be ready to go. I really love the hydro pack because i used to have a backpack with hydro, and it moved around so much and got tangled in my gun strap very easily.

Light/ durable
lots of space to put pouches
built in m4 mag pouches
practical (for me)
Built in Hydro

Fits loosely
by Brendan M. on 04/08/2009
"I just got this vest and i love it!
This is the best vest for the price right now.
Since it has 6 built in M4/M16 pouches you can fit plenty of magazines without worrying about running out of room or buying extra pouches. The material is great and very sturdy, i can now take sniper rounds to the chest and feel nothing. If you are on a budget or can buy a MOLLE vest and dont have money for pouches then you are in luck! This vest has both!

The only downside is the vest is quite big. Im 6'1" and 155 lbs and the vest is still too big for me with all the straps tightened but its well worth having such a good vest.
by Brendan M. on 04/01/2009
"This vest is great! If you have an M4 or M16 and want a cheap vest and dont have the cash to buy extra pouches, look no further. Six mag pouches made specifically for M series mags are built right in, saving you a good deal of cash that you can spend on a gun or upgrades. This vest is condor and is of the utmost quality. Be warned: THIS VEST IS LARGE! Im 6'1" and i had to tighten all the straps to get it even close to my body. However, this vest is extremely lightweight and functional so its not a problem at all. The best part: Its MOLLE so if you have more than one gun, you can add pouches over the built in pouches to change your loadout to each specific gun and then take the pouches off when you go back to your M series. A great vest for the price, you wont find a better one.

Very light
Fully Adjustable
MOLLE compatible
Plenty of room
Built in mag pouches (+/-)
High quality

A bit large...
Built in pouches (+/-)
by Derek L. on 03/22/2009
"this will fit 1 g36c mag in each pocket
some of the built in pouches can hold 2 m4 mags tightly.

short (no belt mount)
bungees don't stay on for long

quite a good vest. has tons of real estate for molle pouches
by Blaine w. on 10/20/2008
"Got this vest today and its a little big but i got it to hold 12 mp5 mags before pouches and it has lots of space for improvement
by Doug W. on 06/20/2008
"Just got this vest and it is great. Im a pretty big guy and it fits me no problem. The only thing i was suprised about is that the vest is a little shorter than i thought it would be. Other than that, this vest is awesome.
by Don M. on 05/29/2008
"This vest is amazing a little big but it wont bother you the only thing you you need is pouches.
by Brandon M. on 05/20/2008
"This is currently the vest that I use now and it is a little slender on me since i am 5'8 and 110 pounds. Two things I like about this vest is that it has a built in hydration pouch and the vest is able to carry 6 m4/m16 mags.
by Stephen M. on 10/08/2011
"For those complaining about the vest size, it's a little big because it's also meant to be worn over body armor (IBA/IOTV) for troops that spend a lot of time in vehicles, where it can be a bit cramped to wear your whole kit on your person.

I have one of these, I'm 5'10", 190#, and I had to tighten it all the way down for it to fit snug on me. This is a nice vest, but the m4 pouches built into it will swallow your magazines, making them a bit of pain to get out when wearing gloves. To counter this I bought some Magpul mag assists, or you can go the poor man's route and make some out of 550 cord and 100mph tape.

We'll see how long the velcro piece in the middle holds up, but so far I'm pretty happy with this vest.
by Ryan S. on 09/28/2010
"Like everyone else said, it is rather large. Granted I am 5"9' with a pretty slender frame, I put it over the jacket I usually wear to play, tightened all the straps it had, and it still had a lot of room between me and the vest. The mag pouches take some getting used to after using pouches that relied on velcro for a long time but they hold my M4 mags very snug. Unfortunately I fear the elastic holding the magazines in place will one day break and that will be a sad day for me. I also have some trouble getting in and out of it, but this is the first chest rig type vest I've ever gotten so that might be part of it as well.

However, I like the fact that there is also another pouch on the chest that can be used to hold things, and the hydration pouch on the back looks like it can fit almost any bladder there is on the market. I also like that there are molle straps all over this thing. The shoulder straps are padded and I'm sure when I have this vest fully loaded that's going to make it much more comfortable to wear than the cheap one I got from sports authority that also doesn't accommodate smaller framed people like me. The built in mag pouches save me the money that I would otherwise have to have spent on additional molle pouches though it certainly has enough space to put additional molle pouches in all shapes and forms.
by Adam S. on 12/25/2008
"This is a great vest, however there are a couple cons.

-Great material
-Many pockets and pouches (one big one inside the detachable bib, and others through out)
-Integrated Camelbak pouch
-Low Profile and Detachable Bib to keep from over heating

-IT IS HUGE! I am 6'0 and about 145 lbs. and It was a good 6 inches from my stomach to the vest when i stretched it out. Luckly I tied the adjusting straps to some of the molle straps and it fits pretty good now.
-Sometimes it is a little dificult to get your M4 mag pouches out of the vest but I'm sure it is just something that will take time getting used to.

Over all, Great vest and looks good as well. It will fit good if you are a l-xxl size and possible bigger, other than that you will have to mod it.
by Ryan S. on 09/10/2009
"i like it. fits nice and snug. but since i have long arms it a pain in the a** to put on and take off. but it still gets the job done.