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Condor Seven Pocket Tactical Chest Rig (Color: Black)

12 Customer Reviews

by Darren D. on 03/13/2014
"This vest is at the epicenter for those looking for a vest in terms of price, durability, capacity, and style.

What exactly am I talking about?

-This vest is super cheap and affordable
-Offers camo colors that will work with 99% of loadouts
-Super durable considering its cheap price
-Can hold about any type of mags: M4, M14, AK, G36, etc......(not sure about drum mags)
-Can hold water bottles or even a bag of BBs nicely
-Very adjustable to fit all types of body sizes
-Fits all types of roles (Sniper, Scout, DMR, Rifleman, etc...)
-Can be put on and taken off quickly

This vest is perfect for those on a tight budget who don't want to sacrifice quality.
by Jeff N. on 04/10/2013
"Good rig, Fits AK47 magazines as well as M4 and M14. Any airsoft magazines will fit in it, so don't even ask.
I keep 3 AK mags, a water bottle and a pistol in this vest, along with a radio BB holder in the shoulder pouch

Cool looking
holds a lot of items at once.
feels comfy

shoulder straps slip off, so tie them together somehow, Like with a shoelace or something.
that is it!
by joshua b. on 12/18/2011
"I am 340 pounds and only 6 foot tall. This is the only vest I could get to fit me and for 19 bucks you cant beat it plus I got free shipping because of Christmas code free shipping. 10/10 Evike!!!!
by Cedrick G. on 10/26/2011
"I just got this rig today and I love it! This guy at the bottom says it falls and he's 5'7, I'm 5'3 and I don't have any issues and I'm only 115 pounds. Also it says it can only hold 6 M4/M16 mags, but I can hold up to 9 M4 mags no problem. It is very light and feels good when your running which I perfect for me. Overall it's a great rig and for only 20 bucks it's a steal! Get this rig don't hesitate to buy.
by Kristian P. on 07/08/2011
"I got this chest rig about a week ago and I have used it twice so far. It is very durable I would highly recommend this. It holds all my M4 mags, a handgun, two extra batteries, and a shotgun mag. Its very light which offers a lot of mobility. I prefer this over a vest because of its lightweight and mobility. Its also very cheap at only $20 which is perfect.
by Colin N. on 01/20/2010
"I've had a black one for about 5 years. Very tough and durable. Also very comfortable. Mine was in perfect condition until I messed with it (camo'd it and cut off the radio pouch)

I used to roll with 6 mp5 mags in the three mag pouches, a speedloader and my smokes in the radio pouch, my kill rag and hand towel in one of the utility pouches and my trap-setting devices in my other utility pouch.

It can get kind of heavy but I never felt unbalanced. Comfy for running, kneeling, prone, ect.

I highly recommend it!
by Jonathan S. on 10/12/2008
"ummm dude...
it ur a 4''2, i think u can get it......
i think it is ajustable straps so i think, my opinion, that u can buy it...if u want
by Matthew K. on 08/25/2011
"Overall this is a very good chest rig, especially for only $20. I can fit 6 m4/m16 mags in the pouches and they did no have a problem fitting until i duct taped them together. Beforehand however they did fit very tightly, so if you have an ak this rig might give you issues. There are two more larger pouches meant for dead rag, speed loader, and what not but if you switch around you should have no problem fitting 2 ak mags in each of these. My only issue with this rig was that the straps do not stay on my shoulders very well, especially when running. I am however a small guy ( around 5'7 and 125 lbs) so if you are also you may want to invest in some sort of vest that will hug you tighter. As long as you are a little larger than me however, you should be fine. For $20 you wont find anything better and if it doesn't fit or you dont like it than it isnt like you spent a fortune either.
by robert t. on 01/30/2009
"I have 2 (woodland,OD) work great and im 5'8 doesnt fall off .13 mp5 mags + binocs and radio about to order a black one,three load outs only $18.00 great price
by karl e. on 09/22/2008
"if i wear a vest and put this over it do you think it would fit a 4'10" kid this is karls son joe
by Michele E. on 07/24/2008
"This chest rig is great, however the way it is pictured, it fits very loosely and can be knocked off by running through trees. Mine is completely tightened and it is a lot higher up
(this is michelles son.)
by sam r. on 08/19/2008
"this isnt the best thign you can buy but it is good for people who want to have the ability to fit 6 mags of m4/m16 for 18 bucks but its tight enough for smaller people i had it tightend all the way and im 5'9 and its still looseon the shoulders my friend is 5'11 they loose on him too so i guess you have to be like at least 6 ft for them to fit good.but good vest.