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Model: BL-6mm-GT-04-BK

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by Dean B. on 2010-04-03 06:36:12
"speed loaders and midcaps go together like fat kids and cake. i love these things! my backup is a crappy pump shotgun. i forgot how many times i went to my backup position and found out my shotgun wasn't loaded. speed loaders have saved my ass too many times lol
by Sean C. on 2010-02-17 18:56:25
"This speed loader is good for the price, and loads & refills very easily, however; there are several things I don't like about it.

-Easily Refillable
-Does its job well
-disassemble-able for cleaning

-Cap pops open far too easily, and even for target practice has popped open and spilled bbs numerous times (I fixed this with tape though, so no longer a con for me)
-Although you can push and lock the lever down, the button is very sensitive, and pops the lever out sometimes when you set the loader onto a flat surface - not a big con, but another negative aspect

Overall, I recommend, but plan on using tape or velcro to keep the thing shut.
by Trey C. on 2009-12-30 14:54:33
"A must if you use mid-caps or GBB's. Holds 100 rounds, no hassle, and only $4. Buy it.
by matt d. on 2009-09-14 21:48:06
"i say that this is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will ever need or use during any type of battle or backyard skirmish. i myself have had to use this countless times.
by James C. on 2009-04-05 13:22:23
"ok for any airsofter that uses midcaps and needs a cheap loader get this but for some reason mine messed up and a spring wasnt letting bbs feed through so i took it apart and it was an easy fix and this fits into a pistol mag pouch easily

just buy it its four bucks and it is a need to anyone

4 1/2 of 5 because it messed up once
by Steven P. on 2009-02-22 16:08:39
"Very nice deal for only 4 dollars although you should just attach it to a shopping cart with an AEG or GBB to avoid the shipping cost of just buying this one item. The plastic looks and feels rather cheap, but its pretty sturdy assuming you don't do anything strenuous with it. Filling the loader with BBs is a snap with its window opening which should be big enough to just dump BBs from a bag in there. This little trinket has saved me tons of lost BBs from being dropped to the ground due to manual hand loading. I can also fill my 70 BB capacity low/mid cap P90 magazine with 5 seconds with this. The only downsides I can think of that can possibly cause grief is the cheap plastic and gears which might break down or the fact that it can only hold 140 or so BBs at any time so you might need 2 or 3 of these if you intend to reload several magazines at once with no delay.
by Tom D. on 2009-01-11 14:56:13
"the bst thing ever created!!{exept for an M4a1,the love of my life!}these are life savers! a little pricy,they are the best for airsoft survival!! they jam sometimes,but buy 4 or 5,they are great for al your mag-fed guns!!
by GARY H. on 2009-01-02 21:01:05
"man this is a awsome speed loader this can load my hicaps mids and shot shells in mins. i have to load 10 utg 30 rd shells 13 maruzen 3 rd shells 9 and 15 mids and i cando it all with 3 of these and 35 mins very very good!!!!!
by Bernard P. on 2008-11-15 20:06:46
"Good for snipers. Some would opt for the 470 round M4-magazine speed loader which is the same thing with more ammo and looks like an M4 mag. The thing is, if you use that, you might as well get a High-cap mag, and go assault. Defeats the purpose of being a sniper.

Simple in design, everyone uses it for a reason. It is durable (if used properly in function, not if you step on it) and efficient.
by jake b. on 2008-10-26 18:29:57
"i got one of these with a cheap Mp5 from shorty, and it rocks! seems to work with any kind of magazine i can find, and makes low cap/pistol loading easy. could use a bit more capacity(holds maybe 150 bbs) but at the size of a pistol mag, i can't complain. if you're worried about the thumb button suishing and relweasing bbs everywhere, fear not. it can lock down. i would highly reccommend!
by Isaac W. on 2008-09-20 12:39:03
"TSD Tactical rebrand china clone, works well. (stupid 50 character minimum.)
by Matt J. on 2008-06-30 18:55:25
"For those of us who use low and mid-caps this is just as necessary as ammo. 115rds at the press of a button and i can fill a full mid-cap mp5 mag and then have some to spare. I'll have 2 at any given time, held under my left under-arm mag pouch for emergency reloads and they're just as easy to reload when you run dry, just keep about 1000-2000rds of ammo in your vest to reload it with. If 115rds isn't enough, then you can either A: get more! or B: get the 470rd M4 one, but these are easier to deal with in my opinion.

Displaying 61 to 72 (of 76 reviews)

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