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Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Mock Suppressor (Color: Matte Black)

8 Customer Reviews

by jeremiah l. on 01/04/2018
"Very smooth pull, lightweight, but feels sturdy. Suppressor actually works! Nice mag release. Very quiet gun, you cam hardly hear it shoot. Nice feel when holding it reccomend this to anyone who wants to be a sniper, or for experienced players. Very easy to adjust hopup. I love this gun! So many upgrade parts available too!
by vincent T. on 11/25/2017
"So, I was tossed between building my own rifle or ordering the Novristch sniper.

As you've probably assumed, yes, I bought the vsr-10, and have decided to build my own.
It was the best choice I've ever made! I ordered this rifle from evike and in 3 days (4 with processing), I received it. The packaging job they did was pretty standard. No complaints there.

Now about the gun,

It is absolutely beautiful. If I hadn't set my eyes on upgrading it and bought the parts already, I would leave it stock. Everything from the smooth cocking, to the short trigger pull, to the gorgeous WORKING suppressor, is amazing. I took it out today to a field and used it for about 5 hours, putting about 250 rounds through it. I made consistent 60 ft confirmed kills and 2 100+ foot kills. One of them, I used google maps, I don't know how accurate their measurements are, BUT it came out to be 108 feet. It floated for about 2 seconds and then smack the guy in the torso.

For the record, I used 28's. I could probably use .25's for more range...

Well, I like pros and cons, so here is one.

Tokyo Marui Magic.
Groupings are tight with .28s
With hop up turned a few clicks below max, You can hit anything you set your crosshairs on under 80ft. (.28s)
Max range probably over 150 ft?
Smooth bolt pull
Nice Trigger
No wobble

Sling mounts are noisy (I took mine off. It was super easy.)
Nothing else!!
by Joel H. on 09/05/2017
"This gun is absolutely amazing with unparalleled accuracy at its price range the only thing you could want more out of it as a little more FPS but even with its low FPS it's able to outshoot snipers with much higher fps to do it's amazing hop up system
by Aaron C. on 09/30/2016
"This is my favorite gun. When people say it is pinpoint accurate, they are not exaggerating. With .25g bbs and a decent scope, your shot goes where you aim it. Out of the box, this shoots 315 fps with .20g bbs, but the low fps doesn't reduce the accuracy. People have told me Tokyo Marui hop-ups are amazing, and I was not disappointed. Without modding the gun at all, you can tune the hop up to make .25g bbs fly with very little arcing. This means you can shoot long range without having to aim way above the target. This alone makes it incredibly satisfying to shoot. I have also tried shooting it with .20g bbs, but they have a noticeable arc to them that .25g bbs just don't have.
The gun feels great. I like how it sits on my shoulder, the grip is simple and feels great, and the front is just the right size for my hand. Everything just naturally wants to go where it is supposed to, making it easy to make snap shots. The bolt is pretty easy to pull, and the gun is VERY quiet. If someone is not listening for it, they will probably miss it. The mock suppressor it comes with is easy to put on and take off, and doesn't affect your accuracy at all. This is a good looking gun. The entire setup is very sleek. I have gotten a lot of compliments about it and lots of people want to try shooting it. The mounting points for slings on this are fine. A lot of people don't seem to like them, but they do the job and don't get in the way.
I thought that the 30 round mags that come with this wouldn't be enough, but I rarely go through 2 whole mags in a 30 minute game. I usually go through one, and get a few shots from the second. Everything about this gun encourages and enables you to make every shot count.
Since this is a sniper rifle, I would suggest a good scope. The 3-9x40 scope in the "You may also need" section is the one shown in the picture. It works well, even if it has a couple things that annoy me, and looks great.

I only have two complaints, and they are very minor. The first is that the gun is borderline too long with the suppressor on. When I am holding it one handed to use a sidearm, I tend to tap the suppressor on the ground if I am not careful. This is when I am holding it by the grip and it is hanging down. I only hold it like that when I need to quick draw my sidearm with my left hand. I am only 5' 10 1/2", so a taller person might not have this problem.
The second issue is this gun is definitively NOT for left handed people. The bolt is designed to be pulled by the right hand, and that is supposed to be your trigger hand. I have tried shooting this left handed because I try to be ambidextrous, but I had to reach way back to pull the bolt, and the back of the bolt kept hitting my thumb. I had to move my hand to pull it back all the way. Keep in mind, this is unmodified. I don't know if you could modify it to be left handed, but I don't intend to since I am right handed anyway.

Hop-up is simply amazing. The bbs fly super straight and level, and the hop-up is easy to adjust.
The gun looks and feels great. It naturally moves to a good firing position.
Incredibly quiet.

(kind-of) Cons:
A bit long with the suppressor on.
Right handed ONLY.

If you plan on being a dedicated sniper, this gun is well worth the cost.
by Chas M. on 08/15/2016
"This gun is simply amazing
Highly accurate
It is upgradable but you might have some problems with the cylinder head if your trying to upgrade the spring
Very durable gun
Nice magazine for a sniper rifle
All an all I would recommend this gun to anybody that plays airsoft... Definitely worth the money
by Jorge V. on 04/29/2014
"This is by far hands down the best sniper rifle I have ever owned. I have had a TSD SD 96, a shadow ops but this rifle is just on a different level of quality. From the very first moment I opened the package to my very first bolt pull I have to say I was highly impressed. The bolt pull is the lightest and smoothest ever you can't get any better than this. The rifle is one of the most silent if not the most silent when it's fired, and if you attach the silencer tokyo marui includes it's good night.

Highly accurate 100 ft
Light weight
Smooth bolt pull
It's a tokyo marui

Fps needs to be upgraded to be effective

Could not really find anything wrong with this rifle apart from it's fps being way to low because of the 1 joule law in japan, but if you buy this rifle this won't be a problem because your a serious sniper and your going to upgrade it anyways. Even if you left the rifle the way it is, it is still far superior to a lot of other clone rifles out there that have a higher fps. You pay for what you get and trust me tokyo marui won't disappoint you
by randy g. on 03/20/2012
"i just got this gun today opened it up and could tell its a pretty nice gun. this gun comes with a top rail for a scope and although the fps is low its pretty accurate if you adjust the hop up. hop is very easy to access on the side of the barrel. i suggest upgrading the fps and you will have a very nice sniper. overall pretty good gun i have been playing airsoft at courses and with pros that have had this gun and they said with upgrades you will have a decent sniper.
by Brennan K. on 04/08/2010
"this gun is amazing!!! even though the fps is low you can get upgrade springs for it and other parts. and even though it is expensive it will probably last longer than any other company like jg. and the tsd m700 magazines work with the gun so you can get mags that feed the same as the jg bar10 magazines cheaper