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Matrix High Speed Special Force Tactical 3 Point Sling - Black

17 Customer Reviews

by Cory F. on 09/08/2017
"Works great, material is a little rough so I recommend use with a standard combat shirt or blouse, probably would leave a red mark from rubbing after extended use if it's just sitting on skin, better than the garbage slings they issued us in the USMC and you can't beat the price.
by Mike W. on 05/12/2016
"For a 15 dollar 3 point sling I ended up super happy with mine. IF YOU ARE (right handed and)RUNNING ANY TRIANGLE FOLDING STOCK AK, THIS SLING IS PERFECT FOR YOU.

It's actually pretty hard to find a 3 pt sling that works well with triangle folding aks because of the location of the sling swivel on the triangle folder(ping).

Just connect one end through the middle of the stock onto the sling swivel(ping) and thread one of the separate 2 connection straps supplied through the hole on the front of the rifle. Then attach your second latch on the sling through the loop. .... all that's left is to adjust her so she hangs right, and its perfect.

5 of 5 for me.
by JC J. on 05/12/2016
"this is a very good sling...once you learn how to use it i found it easiest to put on my left side(i am right handed) and after it rides very well i found the two nylon loops to be amazing for me(i have a Mk without a front sling pin) i put them through a hole in my front grip and made sure they were . secure and now i don't have to buy a 16 dollar sling pin i would recomend this totally
by Nathan S. on 05/12/2016
"I got this sling for my JG MOD5 A4 and it works great. It is very easy to throw the gun around my back and go to my pistol I even have an 8 inch mock silencer on my gun and it rides great around my back to not let it hit the ground. I did need to drill out the front eyelet on my gun so the hook would fit but it's an easy fix. Like the other reviews it should have come with instructions but it's not too hard to figure out. Overall this is a great sling that once you get it fitted to you will perform great and is very adjustable.
by James C. on 05/12/2016
"i got this for my jg m4a1 2008 enhanced version (great, heavy gun its about 8 lbs. i wrote a review on it too) and its pretty durable but it is extremely hard to figure out (how does 2 hrs. sound) but once on correctly its very handy for switching from primary (jg m4a1) to scondary (HFC KP02).
but the only things i dont like is that you need to wrap tape around the velcro that holds it to your body cuz its not very strong velcro, and ics should have given instructions, but in all it is a need for any airsoft player because youll always drop your gun on concrete so why take that massive risk when you could just buy this and know that it wont fall.

BTW the 2 little straps that are basically sling hooks for guns that dont have sling mounts, you may need to tighten and secure them every now and then.
by Jason F. on 05/12/2016
"This sling i received about 2 months ago, its very firm. No flimsy connects like the stock ones you usually get. ive dropped the gun and caught it by the sling, no damage to gun or sling. Very reliable. No cons.
by Walter D. on 05/12/2016
"Got this sling about six months ago.

-What can i 15 dollars so its not that bad of a price, for a sling. Overall a good bang for your buck.

Quality: 4/5
-I used to on my TM AK47 Full stock version and it was very useful (has got good weight for the gun and all the retarded stuff i put on when i got myself RIS furniture. Well it Held the weight of my raped AK( Sorry for putting all that leet shit on a very traditional rifle). ANYWAY i then got a KWA M4A1( Amazing rifle) and thats when i noticed that the two flat metal peaces to the left and right of the metal hook and the base touch were bent. I just took a pair of pliers and bent it to its original form

Overall: 4.5/5

Good price and the quality it great. Could be a little better reinforced on the metal clips but for the price it really doesnt matter.
by Eric D. on 05/12/2016
"Tough, sturdy, and it gets the job done. What more do you want out of a sling. The straps can slide a little too easily, but better smooth than jerky. Fits my KWA G36c beautifully.
by Michael T. on 05/12/2016
"this is a really good strap ive had for 3 mounths and there not even a cut and i play air soft like 2-3 times a week.
by Andrew T. on 05/12/2016
"It's a durabe 3 point sling...not much else to say about it. Gets the job done.
by Ben M. on 05/21/2012
"Both myself and my best friend bought this for our airsoft guns.
I own an echo 1 MK-16 and he owns an M-14 he got off of ebay (we've yet to figure out its origin)

The sling can be used as a 2 or 3 point sling
Very durable
Once you have attached the sling to one gun, attaching it to future guns is easy.

Due to no instructions coming with the sling, assembly wasn't the easiest
When using the sling in a 3 point mode for assault rifles it hangs very low

Overall Comments
If you happen to use it with a sniper rifle, it is best kept in a 2 point sling mode. If you use this for an assault rifle, this is more towards your preference. I tend to to switch it up often depending on terrain and type of match. Once you get the sling working how you want it, the sling is great no matter how you use it.
by Ernesto S. on 04/20/2009
"Great sling! works perfectly with my AK47 tactical, looks and feels great. Can be used as a 2 or 3 point sling, each drops the weapon to different heights and different angles. This lets you choose how you want it to be.
Must buy.
by Barry H. on 04/17/2009
"This sling is fantastic! It is well made, easy to use (with one exception - see note below), and quite comfortable as well. I have it installed on my G&G GR16 R4 and it looks very sharp. It takes a few minutes of trial and error to get it to fit properly and have the weapon hang properly, but once you have it adjusted you're good to go!

NOTE: Sling comes without installation instructions. After a bit of Google searching I was able to find instructions for another sling using the same construction and installation. The back harness is easy, it's only the front part that takes a bit of explanation.
by sheri r. on 02/12/2009
"awsome sling and a great deal
by Marc K. on 07/30/2008
"Works very good with my JG M16 DMR. It includes everything needed to mount onto your weapon and is well made. Its an excellent 3 point sling, and I recommend to anyone looking for a good quality sling.