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Matrix Military Style Single Point Bungee Rifle Sling - Black

19 Customer Reviews

by Luis U. on 01/25/2015
"This is a great sling. It works on a G36 and it holds it nicely.
by Jose P. on 08/18/2014
"This is a great sling good quality and good stitching it's durable. It's a little uncomfortable on the neck it gets annoying after consistent hours of playing.
by Max B. on 06/27/2014
"An amazing single point sling for an extremely affordable price. The durability on this sling is outstanding. Just check out all the glowing reviews. This will fit any sling mount point, from the MP9, to a QD swivel. This sling outlasted my friend's $30 Condor sling. You can't beat it for the price.

Pros: cheap, durable, highly adjustable, comfortable

Cons: somewhat sketchy stitching, but it holds up just fine
by Finn S. on 02/03/2013
"I got this sling a while back and I think it is great. You can switch from right to left easily. It is very strong and cheap. The only problems that it has is that it isn't really bungee and the paint scratches off on the hook thing

Looks cool
Easy to switch from left arm to right arm

Not very bungee
Paint scratches
by Pierre N. on 07/18/2012
"i got this 2 days ago, and it is truly amazing. the bungee provides an amazing amount of comfort, and quick pistol draws. the clip will not break at all, even on the more big assault rifles like the famas. and for the price, why not buy it?!?!

easy pistol draws
strong, reliable clip

the strap has an evike patch, but the patch was on the side of the strap that is against my body, so you and everybody else cant realy see it at all.

besides that i have no cons. this is a great buy.
by Wesley B. on 05/16/2012
"Really not a bad sling for the price, I bought one for my real steel 9mm carbine and I like it.

-will carry heavy weight easilly
-Not as flexible as I thought it would be

Obviously it's not a 35 dollar sling but it works great, should be more than suitable for airsoft.
by Seth W. on 05/05/2012
"I just received my Matrix bungee sling yesterday, unboxed it, and must've worn it with my AEG attached for an hour. As advertised, it clips right on to any of the attachment points of my rifle, and is easily adjustable. For those interested, here's my review:


Very basic and easy to use/adjust, unlike (in my opinion) a complicated 2 or 3 point sling that may waste precious time with adjustments during gameplay. Clips right onto any open attachment link of any AEG (I wield an MK36C)

The bungee cord is quite flexible and carries heavier AEG's very well for its short length. My MK36C is heavily customized with optics including a grenade launcher, putting the total weight at nearly 16 lbs. The bungee cord holds this firmly without sagging too much at all.

Looks sharp and unique compared to standard slings, adds flare to any AEG.


None that I have found so far!

In summary, this product is not only worth its low price tag, but its reputation as well. You may have to toy around with it to get it just right so it rests comfortably around you, but for a single point sling, it does exactly what it needs to do; great buy!
by Harris L. on 03/23/2012
"I use this on all my guns, guns ranging from a mac 11 to an sr10. This thing is amazing. I have multiple bungie slings, and this is by far the best. It isn't too bulky, but isn't too thin. This thing is perfect.

isn't too bulky
only $15

by Austin R. on 01/17/2012
"the sling works great for the price

keeps the gun tight to your shoulder
easy to use and fast clip
feels good

its a little tight on me even at longest adjustment
by Tyler K. on 11/08/2011
"This is a great sling for certain guns. I use this with an MP7 and a UTG M3. It works great for both.

However if I were to attempt to log around an M14 with this, I would just be silly. Make sure your gun isn't too long or heavy if you want to use this sling.
by Jonathan S. on 08/30/2010
"Great sling for its price! Had it for almost two months! Used it 4 times! Great reliability! :D
by Patrick W. on 09/28/2009
"I love this sling. I got it for my JG G36C, and it's amazing. I won't bore you with the story of it though, let's get down to the facts. ;)


1. Very sturdy
2. Adjustable
3. Stretchy
4. Very, very durable metal hook
5. Tough stitching so it holds up
6. Great product, low price


1. Kind of uncomfortable
by Kevin M. on 04/10/2009
"really really really good sling.
bungie takes alot of stress away from shoulder and couldn't be easier to enter your shooting platform.
by Kevin M. on 03/31/2009
"This sling is exceptional. It looks kinda long in the picture, but the hook stays close to the chest. When you bring up your weapon to fire, you'll notice the bungie allows you to aim without loosening the sling. In short, nothing gets in the way when you need to take a shot, because the stretchiness of the bungie. And the hook couldn't be easier to put on your gun; quick detach is a nice feature. Great for speedy transitions to a pistol too.

Quick Detach hook
Easy to use (simple design)
Bungie takes all the weight away from the shoulder
Bungie eases aim

by hendrix K. on 07/14/2008
"These are by far the best sling out there. The metal hook is very easy to use and very strong. Been using this sling for over two years now. After all the hassle with 3 points, now I really appreciate this simple and easy to use sling. The bungee cords really takes the weight off your shoulder too.