Reviews: AEG Power Upgrade - Install M130 Spring, Bushings, Shimming, & Basic Tuning


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Model: UP-AEG-M130

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by sean c. on 2010-09-15 19:54:06
"Can u upgrade with a gas g&g?

by Sean M. on 2010-09-15 19:18:13
"I have a jg ak 47 which i completely messed up when i took the gear boxx out, i opened the gearbox and as i opened it everything shot out, i managed to find most parts, i think i found them all..... but i cant put it back together, i was also wondering if i could get a m170 spring instaleed if i payed for it, right now my gear box has is a High precision gear box with M120 Spring, reinforced piston and gears. Ultra high torque Turbo Motor, will it be a good upgrade, but mainly i want my gearbox back together and an m170 spring. How much would it cost?
by Joey S. on 2009-02-15 14:52:57
"i have a question, will this upgrade harm the internals of a stock ECHO 1 VMG-74? because i want to get this upgrade for fps and im getting the fire fox litium battery

Webmaster: UPgrade services won't harm your gun. But with a stronger spring, it will increase wear and tear. A stock VGM-74 probably already have a m120 spring inside. But most of the time, after our tech tunes the guns, they work better than stock. Because we put more time into the gun than the factory.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)