Reviews: Star SMG / MP7 Type Z-Point Red Dot Sight with QD Low Profile Mount


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Model: RD-ZPoint

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by David A. on 2012-02-24 06:10:46
"Externally, the sight is a good copy of the Carl Zeiss Z-point but lacks the same luster internally. The adjustments do not actually adjust the sight and even though it operates off a battery, the sight itself -will not operate- in low-light conditions, without light being shined directly into its photocell. In short, you will only see the dot if it is in direct sunlight or strong indoor incandescent lighting. Its brightness depends entirely on how much light is being collected by the photocell.

I do like the fact its appearance completes my MP7, but I'm not at all impressed with the internal build quality of the one I received.

by Jacob S. on 2009-03-01 21:43:03
"If this is a good clone of the Zeiss Z-Point Reflex Sight then it should be great. Perfect for MP7's. I'd love to know if this will ever be back in stock, if and when it does I'll write a very detailed review on this red dot sight. Webmasters please email me or respond to this saying if and when this will be in stock.
by christian s. on 2008-05-30 22:19:24
"perfect for mp5s,ak74s,p90s and most smgs its perfect but not for assault rifles

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)