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NC Star 15mm Rail Mount RedDot Sight System for Pistol & Small Frame guns

14 Customer Reviews

by shawn w. on 11/04/2008
"can i use this with my jg matrix mp5 couse i need a scope and or sight
by Cory E. on 11/03/2008
"actually you can mount this scope to a 20mm rail. all you need are some longer machine milled screws and 2 nuts from your local hardware store. make sure you take the scope with you though, so they can get the right length and width screws.
by Denise M. on 09/15/2008
"This scope is for "dove tail" specification rails. Its great if you have a bb gun that has built in dove tail. Made by a real steel dealer so the quality is not bad, way over my expectation for $10. This is not a cheap scope you find on the low power airsoft toy guns.

A great thing is, this fits most paintball guns since their rails are 15mm.
by Roger G. on 03/23/2017
"well is no EOtech but for the price is pretty good I had one of these for a backup for about 6 months only used it once or twice the dot is bright as long as the batteries are kept fresh
by Zac K. on 02/14/2012
"A friend got this for my birthday half a year ago. I wasn't really expecting much for the cheap price but this sight is pretty decent. I didn't have any problems with the allignment during the few games I have used it for, nor has it broken in half. I would recomend this to anyone who wants to use something besides iron sights but doesn't have the money to buy a more expensive sight.
by Danny M. on 04/02/2010
"ok so i bought this actually from another website so that i could get free shipping on the website and it was the same price in this website... but anyway i put the sight on my gun and it worked very well... the dot was decently bright and the whole thing is plastic except for the rail mount but i mean for $10 what can you really expect... final decision is that if you need to exceed the free shipping amount like i did or if you just REALLy dont like the iron sights for you gun... go ahead and get this sight.... 4 stars because in its first battle the battery cap and one of the nuts for rail mount fell off... ps this did not affect the sights performance at all
by Barb D. on 01/26/2009
"Hey so i got this sight like a year ago and it works fine. Mr. Negative should have got a more expensive one if he dislikes this one so much. this is adjustable, two knobs one on the side for windage and one on the bottom for elevation. the clear plastic is dark but not dark enough to be an inconveniance. the dot is still visable when its sunny and its still on its original battery. i put it on my dboy ak74u and can hit stiff every time at around 125 feet. it just takes like 5 minutes to sight it in then it works fine. Its functional, and its ten dollars. pretty good if you ask me.
by Jason W. on 01/25/2012
"Small and cheap (price and quality). You get what you pay for, it is all plastic.

The red dot could be a good deal brighter, and the battery could last longer. It is adjustable, get your hop up where you want it and then move the red dot to the bbs. Lately I haven't even been turning it on and just using the little view frame for target acquisition. Bbs aren't that accurate anyway.

Since it is so small this sight can be a problem if you have a full paintball mask or wire facemask. You can't see the red dot unless you are looking straight down the sight.
by marsel s. on 06/09/2010
"for 10 dollers this is not a bad sight

-not good on sunny days
-hard to adjust
by kain h. on 01/29/2010
"This is an alright sight, you can't really expect too much from a $10 piece of plastic though. For the price, it is pretty good but in my opinion, you should really just save up and get something that will last you a little longer and work a little better. But still, not too bad for the price.
by jim T. on 01/12/2009
"For as cheap as this is, it is actually really nice. The only problem is that the part that is connected to the part that goes on the rail is plastic. This is a big problem when adjusting the screws. Other than that it is actualy a decent sight
by george b. on 10/31/2008
"i have a ak 47 ras should i get this? please respond
by Samuel T. on 12/25/2014
"This sight is not great at all. You get what you pay for and for 10 bucks this thing is over priced. you can barley see the red dot especially when you are in light, it is made with cheap plastic, the glass always shows a reflection and how dirty or dusty it is, the battery cap always falls off and i couldnt even zero mine low enough to where my gun was hitting ( a western arms gbb m4a1 at about 390 fps). looks ok from afar on your gun if you like the style but not a good sight.
by karen b. on 11/25/2008
"I bought this on a differnt website. this is absultly a horrible red dot sight don't buy it if its the only one left in the world. Its not adjustable (it says it is) Just writing about it makes me sick. now I'll settle down and calmly tell you the other problems.
1.Won't work on sunny (bright) days.
2.the lens makes every thing look darker.
3.makes your gun look stupid if you ask me.
4.brightnes not adjustable .
this list would go on forever.
i bought it for a UTG shotgun and fitted!!
save up and get a scope!
If you buy this you'll be punished by its quality.HORRABLE