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Full Metal Illuminated Red & Green Dot Scope with Built in Mount for Airsoft - Black

67 Customer Reviews

by Xavier L. on 11/28/2017
"The price you pay is well worth it. Im going to get another one for my son.
by Collin F. on 11/15/2017
"Wow! Must I say, this is an AMAZING sight for just $65. The full metal it amazing, and the windage and elevation work really well.
Full Metal
Adjustable windage and elevation
Red and Green dot to choose from for your lighting situation
Mine came with batteries in it
The red dot stays on the same target even if you move your head
Not too heavy
Really completes the M4 Look
You dont have one
by Carl T. on 09/11/2017
"Best red dot sight for the money, I just ordered another one.
by Ryan B. on 03/17/2017
"Great sight. Full metal feels so slick and the anti-glare works well.
by Ryan G. on 02/13/2017
"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Bought it a little over a year ago and it still works perfectly fine!
by Amy M. on 01/11/2016
"This thing is awesome, definitely worth your money, the red and green dots have two modes each, high and low power. My favorite part is how awesome it looks on my m4... WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR JUST BUY IT!!!!
by Austin S. on 04/12/2015
- Super high quality
- Easy to put on and off
- Reticle looks good when set on the correct brightness level
- Looks cool
- Accurate sight
- Good for indoor and outdoor
- Looks realistic
- Price for what you ge
- Comes with batteries that lasted a whole OP
- Paint chips off easily
- Green sight is almost impossible to see
- Weight (pro or con)
by Carol W. on 01/14/2015
"Good for the Price Point.

For the price, this is a very nice optic. I have no real complaints however I'm going to list the major things you should be aware of before you buy this.
1. Full metal construction, Very durable, and very heavy.
2. Dot brightness is good, however dot size is rather small. This is not a real issue for an airsoft gun, but just be aware it is not a perfect dot.
3. Windage/elevation knobs DO work.
4. The riser is a very good height, and works well for lining up with the front sight of a M4/M16.
5. Mine came with a battery. Yours may not.
6. With a little adjustment, eye relief is very useable.
7. Yes it does say "for airsoft use only" on the left side of the riser. No I have no idea why they put that there.
8. This should go with out saying, but you will have to sight this in. It took me less than 5 minutes.

Overall for $65 it's a good buy. This is not a "real steel" sight so don't expect it to be one, however it works well for airsoft purposes and speeds up target acquisition greatly.
by Nicholas H. on 08/05/2013
"I absolutely love this sight. It has the perfect height for your eyes and looks great!
by Lisa D. on 01/16/2013
"Great scope works amazing for airsoft and even though it says airsoft only I actually mounted it on a real steel AR-15 and works great for close range.
by ethan w. on 12/31/2012
"This scope is amazing. Well worth the cash. Even though it says in description it doesn't come with batteries, mine came with battery already inside that were pretty full. This scope doesn't fog up to bad compared to some aim points I've tried. If you live in wet places such as Oregon or Washington it is important to have an optic that can handle some rain.
by tanner c. on 10/03/2012
"this is nice metal scope for anyone who wants a red dot.
Nice bright Red and green dots
full metal
looks cool
No magnification (unimportant)
by Lisa D. on 08/27/2012
"Great scope. I put it on my SCAR and it looks great. Mine came sighted in straight out of the box. It did include batteries.

Looks great
came with batteries
illuminates well in all conditions

by Glenn M. on 08/21/2012
"Very good scope! The only problem I have run into is the wind and elevation adjustments dont really work but for airsoft who cares? This scope is very durable I have dropped it and nothing broke, the full metal really makes it worth it. There is no wobble at all when on a rail system and it only had to be tightened with my fingers. The lower rail mount that is included comes in handy if you want to put this scope on a smaller weapon. The battery life is very good and Ive only had to change the batteries once! That is very good considering it is only run on two small watch batteries. When I shoot I tend to have both eyes open and this sight does not give me a problem like most tube sights do.

Full metal
Good battery life
Red and Green dot
Different levels of light

Wind and elevation does not work (again who cares its airsoft)
Green dot flashes and little movements can mess it up
by Chad R. on 07/13/2011
"This scope is awesome. I have yet to find a problem with it. I am generally new at airsoft and i was not sure if i wanted to buy a $65 scope, but the scope turned out great. This scope has really good durability, amazing looks, and comes with another type of mount to fit on mp5 type guns, so i say this scope is a 5/5.