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Full Metal Illuminated Red & Green Dot Scope with Built in Mount for Airsoft - Black

67 Customer Reviews

by Brandon B. on 05/04/2011
Full metal
No wobble
Red/green dot

it's a pain to get the batteries in
It's not a perfect dot (not a big deal)

PS: you can get 100 ag13 batteries off amazon for $8.00 with freeshipping
by Austin P. on 01/31/2011
"amazing. this scope is awesome. its heavy which isnt really a problem for me but it is super nice and is full metal. i completely recommend this scope.
by Tyler G. on 10/07/2009
"Great scope and has built in riser so a riser is not needed and will make aiming uncomfortable with the scope 5 inches off the gun. It fits RIS rails. So if your gun has them it will fit.

Anyway I like this scope and its full metal. Pretty crappy paintjob on it but in terms of look not quality because it is not easy to scratch the paint off it just looks weird. Overall I would recomend this for M16/M4 style guns but nothing like an MP5 because it would make the gun look stupid.
by Tom R. on 09/30/2009
"Hey will this sight fit on a pitcanny rail for my echo1 MP5 (MOD5) SG Series. and this is a long shot but anyone have the same gun as me and wants to share how this sight worked on it?
by jonny p. on 09/26/2009
"codey you will not need a scope riser assuming you have a m4/m16
by Peter h. on 09/15/2009
"I bought this for my 10/22 ruger LOLZ and i was pretty amazed it actually didn't break on me. So i'm guessing this would be perfect for your airsoft gun or 22lr rifles! I do not know about bigger calibers though, but it was pretty sweet on my 22lr. It was actually better then what people reviewed this product and I am pleased & amazed!
by codey c. on 09/09/2009
"would i need a scope riser mount if i was going to get this?, good chance i will get one through
by Aaron L. on 02/13/2009
"Not only does it look great, but the adjustment knobs are great.
Mine came with a somewhat worn out paint on the knobs but no one can see it once you replace the caps.
Kinda iffy on the price but it's worth the cash.
by Wesley B. on 02/08/2009
"if you ever wanted to own a ACOG sight but didn't want to spend 800~1000USD on one for your real steel or Airsoft, here you go, does not come with the backup sights but still a great value.
by James C. on 02/01/2009
"ok i want the scope and all but is there a way to protect my lens from bbs cuz man i will be mad as fire if my lens shatters

quick response is appreciated

Webmaster: There is a Matrix lens protector, or a flashkill you can buy.
by Kody P. on 01/17/2009
"This is a great looking ACOG that will set off just about any gun and make it look much cooler and more intimidating.

I put it on my KWA KM4S and it makes it look awesome.

The performance is not really that much to brag about, just like most other red-dots, reticule is OK and it's nice and easy to adjust. It also has a lot of brightness levels but that's kind of pointless to me since it almost always makes the most sense to keep it on the brightest level but whatever

I was hoping for the price that it would perform a little better than it does but nothing to complain about.

If you want a nice looking red-dot than this is the one for you.
by Michael A. on 01/14/2009
"Great Looking Scope
Highly Recommended
by Kody P. on 01/12/2009
"This is a good scope.

The performance is not that great compared to other at this price but I give it a full 5/5 because it does look very nice on my gun (KWA M4S).

Looks great and performs pretty good.
by Dorothy M. on 12/23/2008
"This scope is great! The look is awesome and it doesn't weigh much. The red dot is easy to see in any eviroment because of the different brightness levels.
by Ryan M. on 11/27/2008
"This scope is AWESOME. I have it for a G&G M16 A3 and the sights are pin point accurate (even in outdoor games). Highly recomended.

note: the only problem i encountered was getting it to turn on (battery problems) but other than that its flawless.