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Full Metal Illuminated Red & Green Dot Scope with Built in Mount for Airsoft - Black

67 Customer Reviews

by Victor H. on 11/22/2008
"lol the irony, im getting the G&G Scar

and yes this fit's just fine on ANY gun with 20mm rails

the dboy's scar has 20mm rails

just make sure you get the batteries, none are included
btw the link it gives you for the battery sends you to the matrix online shop, it is the exact same thing but it won't be added to your cart unless you find it on this website
by Patrick P. on 11/07/2008
"It's perfect for airsoft. A 4x ACOG is too much for the field of plastic battle, this is perfect if you want the look of an ACOG but know that 4x magnification will kill your play.

This is a great red dot, does everything it's supposed to.
by Mathew B. on 10/15/2008
"Cindy iron sights come with the gun, unless theres a different meaning for them. But im pretty sure.
by Cindy H. on 10/11/2008
"is there anyway I can ad iron sights and where can i buy them
by Patti W. on 10/10/2008
"i think i might get this to put on my UMP but i wana know if the red dot moves around when you swing your gun like other cheap red dots?
by Michael R. on 09/26/2008
"AWESOME red dot scope for the price. Does not zoom but there are some out there that do. It has different levels of brightness but I usually use the brightest setting. The battery was a bit finicky but I figured it out. This scope came with an extra mount, 2 batteries, a cleaning cloth, and no instructions.

I have a KWA M4A1, and I just took off the carrying handle and put this baby on. Looks SICK and is very easy to use. If you don't mind spending a little more money, go for it.
by Michael J. on 09/14/2008
"To install this on a M4 carrying handle, you will need a carrying handle mount. Its like ten bucks here. The mount adds a 20mm rail to the carrying handle for this scope. Or you can just unscrew the carrying handle off your gun, and that exposed rail will allow this scope to fit without any rails. I hope this answered the question. (Since this scope is some what raised, you don't have to put it on the carrying handle.)
by Michael J. on 09/14/2008
"This is a very useful red dot and it looks ultimate cool on m4!

The battery goes in between the mount and the dot sight.
(The knob right above the mount, under where you look into the red dot sight).
Unscrew the cap.
by Cindy H. on 09/14/2008
"wher do the batteries go?????????????????????????????????????????//
by Dennis J. on 09/10/2008
"I just got this scope today and just about fainted. the weight is very realistic and when mounted on my m4 logs sick. I have only run across one problem though the battery didn't get a very good connection so the dot wasn't showing up but was not very hard to fix i just had to take the battery out then put it back in and it was fixed it wasn't really a problem. it is vert sturdy and is very easy to dial in for extreme aiming. If you are looking for a scope to buy This is the one.
by cutter p. on 08/24/2008
"This scope is awesome the dot is bright and it looks cool on my m4
by Carl C. on 07/28/2008
"This red dot scope is the beast! Not only dose it look awsome on an ak47 but also has about 5 levels of the red dot. What i mean is that if you are playing in the dark you can turn the scope on high to see easier and in the light turn it on low so you can see and own with this awsome scope!
by Alex S. on 07/26/2008
"If your dot is to low, simply go buy some new batteries. I personly love this scope. Have it on my G&G SCAR and it looks sick.
by karen m. on 07/25/2008
"very nice acog. i have it on my G&G m4 and it looks really nice. its also very sturdy. ive heard some people say this scope doesnt have a very bright dot but for me it can do just fine outdoors or inside
by Alan E. on 07/13/2008
"1 problem when i use this scope for outdoor purposes and then turn on the red dot i can hardly see the red dot, due to outside but when i come indoors i can see it.

Theres another scope that looks just like this but the red dot for that one isnt a red dot at all its some sort of wierd triangle telephone pole thing.