Reviews: NC Star 1x30 Tactical Illuminated Electro Red Dot Scope w/ Weaver Mount


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Model: Scope-DP130

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by Jason C. on 2015-11-01 10:55:07
"good rds

mount is metal
battery lasts

low mount
back cover comes off easly
peaty much best optic I own under 20.00
by gerald c. on 2015-01-01 22:50:00
"this sights alright, the allen wrench that comes with is does suck, another thing is the plastic caps that come with it probably wont protect the sight from a bb, the sight blocks alot of stuff and the part that you see through is exactly the size of a quarter,
Pros: cheap, bright, very nice weaver mount, adjustable,
Middle: sits low, lens covers incuded
Cons: Covers alot of ur peripheral veiw, hard to turn the dials for brightness, allen key sucks
by JAMES C. on 2013-10-05 20:06:05
"It's 20.00 and it's plastic. The mount put it quite low on a G&G MP5 unless you play without a mask. Not that hard to sight in or turn the knobs but then again my hands aren't weak. For the price if it gets shot and breaks it's not going to be the end of the world.
by Camren M. on 2013-05-19 21:27:59
"I am so surprised that I got my money's worth for this sight. The brightness is great and is easily visible. It comes with lens caps that are see through so it won't get shot out. the mount looks good but, I would highly recommend buying an aim point mount to make it look that muck cooler.(also I can see my iron sights under it as well)

Good brightness
looks sick
accurate of course
made of metal
comes with two sets of batteries
and has lens protectors.

the windage and elevation is a female dog to adjust, my hands still hurt
by Bryan B. on 2013-02-27 09:13:10
"A pretty awesome scope. It is a smaller-than-some viewing window but since it has a pretty small profile you don't have to worry about it blocking very much of your view. I don't like that the adjustments for altitude/windage do not have "click's" to help you sight the scope in they are just floating wheels so you turn them freely, but they seem to hold their place well and i haven't had any problems with them. Battery life seems to be pretty good I have played quite a few times already and I haven't even worn out the first battery yet (and they give you 2 extra batteries with the scope).
by Lydia C. on 2012-05-26 13:06:16
"I use this scope on my AK-74 and it looks great! This scope is pretty standard and has all the functionalities of a standard red dot.

A con i want to point out is that the lens caps have a tendency to fall off the scope itself, i was in an outdoor game and was running and hitting walls and all that made one of the cap lens fall off, so if you care about maintaining you scopes then i would recommend having or buying some spares, unless of course you tape them to the scope so they dont fall off.

Also it is plastic and after just 2 games the exterior is starting to get scratched and chipping in some parts.

Good and cheap scope, i still highly recommend this. :)
by Rob R. on 2011-12-22 11:46:02
"Great Scope.
It is plastic but that doesn't make it bad, it is still very durable. Mount (which is metal) fits tightly and snug on 20mm rails. Dot is nice and has 3 levels of brightness. Only con I would have to say is that the knob to turn mine one was pretty stiff. After some turning it a little and some grease it works fine now.
Easily worth $26.
by Jonathan N. on 2011-11-11 23:10:25
"Pretty good sight, definitely worth it's price.

-Good field of view
-clear lenses equals extra protection
-fully adjustable for elevation and windage
-2 spare batteries


Recommended if you're on a tight budget.
by jeff g. on 2011-01-07 15:01:18
"i just got this and its pretty good consider its 26 dollars. adjusting it isnt to hard.. takes like 10 minutes and its simple to use. i just hate how the nob to turn it on is hard to move unless its past the click.
-nice plastic
-dot isnt small
-lens covers!

lens caps are kind of hard to pry open but they stay up.
by Chris P. on 2010-03-31 20:52:33
"Amazing! perfect mounting, easily adjustable and 4 different different mode including off. If u have some extra money to spend and want a scope.. GET IT!
by damonsta m. on 2010-03-10 16:42:17
"This is a good, cheap, red dot sight. It DOES come with rail attachments so you don't need to buy scope rings. I've always liked this scope, its clear red dot makes it easy to tell were you are going to hit. it isn't a $10 sight, but it's cheaper than most around. I defanetly recomend buying this sight to begginers or experienced players.
by Gustavo S. on 2008-11-29 09:18:35
"This is a pretty good scope, but it is hard to adjust it because you can't tell if its gong up and every time I shoot the bb goes at least 2 inches above. And it also seems that I am the only one that actually is giving a thorough review of this, Anyways the dot isn't like how it is in the picture because in reality it is kind of big and blotchy but I still approve of the scope for the pricing it is.

I love you EVIKE !!! Kisses Kisses jk :)

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