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Model: Scope-3940

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by jaguar S. on 2016-08-10 11:42:09
"This scope is great! I first had it on my AK svd and then put it on my Winchester m14 pellet gun.
by Ethan S. on 2016-05-16 14:07:43
"The scope I got was horrible. The slightest knock would change the adjustment, and it was always out of adjustment. I would have it lined up perfectly with where the bbs were going, and the next day I take it out for a match, it was out of adjustment again. The red dot I use looks really weird in a dmr because I can't use the scope. The focus of it is very clear, you could see someone in perfect clarity at 200 yards on 9x zoom. Really the only reason it doesn't get a one star.
by Chris C. on 2016-05-10 19:52:30
"I got this for my sniper rifle and I must say, it is definitely worth getting!

-Crosshairs are clear and crisp
-3-9x power, plenty for airsoft
-Solid ring mounts
-easy to zero

Cons: none

Other notes:
Mine did not come with the flip-up covers in the picture, instead it came with the kind that slides over each end with elastic bands holding each end together. Also, the ring mounts mine came with are relatively high so keep that in mind before you order other ones.
by Samuel O. on 2014-01-18 09:19:35
"Crystal clear scope! I can find my targets and hit them! Gets the job DONE! Magnification is perfect! I guess the only thing that would bother some people is the screw off caps and having to use a screw driver to sight it in, but honestly I could care less! Scope rings are very nice and easy to put on. That is all!

Happy Airsofting!

by Eric G. on 2013-11-08 02:32:59
"This is one of the best values on, you won't find a better scope in this price range. If you want a true military style scope(mil-dot) this is it. I just installed it on my Ares MSR 338... Looks awesome!!!
by Mikhail M. on 2013-09-10 15:26:23
1) Nicely built
2)3-9 zoom
3) Looks aweome on my L96

1) Lens cover is weak.
2) Hoped for the adjust knobs to be functioning (Not screw the top off and adjust w/ a screwdriver).

Overall it's a great scope for both beginer and pro snipers. I recomed buying it if you can't afford a better scope.
by Cody H. on 2013-08-14 20:10:28
"In short, 5/5. In detail, I like this scope because it is inexpensive, which means I won't be sad IF it does break, and the investment isn't too big if it gets lost or broken, which means I can replace it. Second, the quality is more than what you pay. The reticle is clear and sharp, and the magnification works just like it's supposed to. The adjustments are in very small increments, and will not be reset or moved around with the recoil of a standard AEG. I should take this moment to mention that this is for higher powered guns with good range. This will be useless to someone with an Mp5. I use a CYMA M14 that shoots just under 400 fps, and it mainly helps with scouting ahead, not the actual firing. Using the 9x setting would be just silly. Eye relief has a pleasantly large range, and it can accomodate many different rifles this way. The mounts are sturdy and fit on standard rails. The covers it comes with are a really nice feature, as it is essential to protect the lenses when not in use. I cannot say if it will survive a direct hit in the lens, so i cut out a piece of clear plastic, removed the cover, put the plastic in the cover, then put the cover back on the scope. The box is nice and strong as well, and I use it to transport the scope. This scope wins my heart for being inexpensive, and
by Manny M. on 2013-01-17 16:15:15
"Really good scope for the money, I've owned it since March 2011 and has served me really well. There is really nothing wrong with it except for one thing, the flip up lens covers sometimes flip off my scope, has happened to me more than once but an easy fix with some electric tape for them to stay on.

-Inexpensive scope that is built to last
-3x-9x zoom come in handy for spotting
-Looks good on my L96A1

-Flip lens cover come off if flipped too hard
by Claude B. on 2013-01-14 15:31:57
"Perfect scope for the ak dragunov svd or all other cool sniper or aeg. Works really great, come with lens protector.

magnification 3-9x
ring are low profile

cons :

nothing! works perfectly
by Jordan G. on 2012-09-13 21:35:39
"Excellent scope for the price. The lense covers aren't exactly appealing but I sprayed the entire thing matte tan so it doesn't really matter in my case.


-Easy to adjust
-Good eye relief
-All metal


-Lens covers are weirdly coloured and stand out way too much
-The rear lens cover seems as if its almost too small
by Patrick S. on 2012-09-09 18:23:45
"This isn't a bad little scope. My only complaint is that the corss hairs are a little out of focus at closer ranges.

Easy to adjust (flathead screwdriver)
All metal
Comes with rings

Slightly unfocused
The rings it came with were too low to fit on my AUG, so I have to get higher ones. Not too big a problem, they're not expensive
by Eric T. on 2012-08-02 23:58:17
"Great scope for the price.

Lens cover
Comes with mount
Har mini cross hairs

It has a random yellow Len cover
Needs an adjustment tool to adjust
Covers aren't a nice fit

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