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Model: Scope-3940

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by Dallin W. on 2008-12-25 17:40:36
"This is the Best scope for all airsoft guns (unless your looking for a red dot for an assault rifle). The best magnification for airsoft is 3x for lowest and the highest you would ever need is 6x (unless u have the VFC M82a1 because that will need 9x. By far the best scope you will ever need.
by john l. on 2008-08-12 21:51:11
"dammit buy this scope youll love it! i love it so you will as well. this will fit on all RIS rails like on m4s m14s m16s etc. but you do have to jiggle it on a little bit and then screw it in. theres not problem with it at all its just that the mount is high profile (not the problem) and it is a tight fit which is good but you wont be able to put it on in mid of game( why would you anyways....) the retract is AWESOME. very clear. now here it comes the CON. the CON is that the lens protectors that it gives you for FREE which can be TAKEN OFF breaks in 1 shot. i was playing with it and blamo! NOOOOO it broke and it looked so sweet on it too. but watever you can just take it off no problem. i think it matches its price 100% youll love it a lot dont get those illuminated scopes that cost so freakin much. this will be enough for outdoor or indoor cqb (which is pretty dumb but i feel a sniper in a cqb map is cool)
by Dylan C. on 2008-08-08 22:38:42
"Buy it and don't even look at any other scopes this is the one
by Kenneth M. on 2008-08-05 20:05:49
"I got this scope with my BAR10. Feels like a real steel scope (I think it is) and is very clear. Also came with a cleaning cloth. A very good buy!
by James T. on 2008-07-21 18:07:53
"This is a very useful scope to have for your rifle especially for any type of shooting under 200 feet. The 2-9x40 adjustment / range is perfect for Airsoft. The scope is a real steel scope and the quality is perfect. Aluminum tube with very clear lens. Scope mount ring included. A recommend buy.
by WILL K. on 2008-07-18 18:29:32
"Good enough scope. It has enough zoom to be a practical add-on to a sniper rifle and zeroing is pretty easy on a day with little wind. I like that it doesn't require batteries and you can just pick it up and go snipe.
by Enrique G. on 2008-07-17 02:30:18
"this scope came with my type 96 sniper rifle, it works great, I let my friend play with it and he sniped me from behind cover, he hit the top of my head that was just sticking out. he was about 200 feet away.

Displaying 25 to 31 (of 31 reviews)

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