Reviews: Real Steel Basic 3-9x40 Tactical Scope w/ Mount Rings by AIM / Matrix / NcStar

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Model: Scope-3940

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by justin n. on 2011-12-28 20:54:12
"got this in a upgrade deal with the utg type 96 it is a great scope, the only problem i have is that you have to have a flathead to adjust. i have a small back yard, and i only play field because that the closet sight near my house, just a 25 min drive away. lets just say i'm glad i got there early the frist time i used it, so i was able to sight it in. also to the guy about the blurry image mine does that to but if you just move your head further back a little it goes away. also since 4x is the max for proper sight picture in airsoft anything above 4x is just for spotting
by tim h. on 2011-12-03 22:52:04
"great scope reticle is great its like a circle with lines intersecting through it. over all great scope
by Jewelie S. on 2011-11-16 20:48:13
"It worked great at first but after a day when i zoom in it is all blurry and I was only able to use the 3X everything else was blurry....
by Ann M. on 2010-12-15 17:21:02
"This scope is very nice. The size of the scope in person blows you away. This scope is great because of the scope mounts included and because of the appearance. When I got this scope I put it on my UTG L96 and started sighting it in. After awhile I could hit some small targets from about 60 feet. I could hit them from twice that range, but my UTG L96 is bad for some reason and after about a month it started to shoot at a low fps and half the range, but whatever.

Full Metal
Lense covers included
Scope mounts included
Easy to mount

One of my bottom latches to my scope mount feel off because it was not tightened enough (my fault)
yellow lense cover may get you spotted
by Brandon F. on 2010-06-02 13:47:30
"Hi everyone,
This scope is AWESOME!!! I purchased this scope back in Feb. and have loved it ever since!! I dot it in the scope and bipod pack with my UTG Type (MK)96. I have to same, it is pretty easy to sight-in, I like the eye relief, and looks cool, and at the great price of $35.00?!?! I recommend this scope to anyone who wants a good scope.

Easy to sight in
free scope rings (low profile)
free double lens cap (eye side yellow, outside clear)
rings are sturdy enough to hold the sniper while holding it by the scope (8 to 10lbs.)

-absolutely nothing!!!

B&B Airsoft Battalion, Covert Airsoft Reconnaissance Team
by Dustin R. on 2010-01-27 05:43:47
"The scope is good quality and feels very sturdy; well worth the price.

Only complaint is that the mounting rings don't mount snugly to my clone VSR-10's mounting rail, but I think that is the rail's fault and not the scope rings'.
by Thomas T. on 2010-01-23 09:53:01
"I ordered this scope about 2 weeks ago and received it yesterday. As soon as i got it i stuck it on my UTG L96 and calibrated it. After about twenty minutes of messing around with the scope i could hit a small flower pot from about 100 yds away. Over all this is a great scope. For some reason mine is different than the one in the picture tho. It came with a built in self lighting system that lights up the reticle. All in all buy this scope it's awesome.
by Nicholas S. on 2009-04-13 17:17:29
"This is an excellent scope! Let's start off with: it is actually a hunting scope, as you can tell by the box. Because of that, you know it is reliable, and is all metal. And the scope comes with a little bit of goodies: Scope Lens protectors, the flip-up ones. They're not cheap either, hard plastic white and yellow. It goes from 3 times magnification to 9x, much more than needed in airsoft, but still excellent to have. It also has the MOA tick marks on each side of the reticle lines, 4 of them (if you don't know what these are, don't worry.)
So, here's a short summation:

All metal
Scope Rings and lens covers included!
3-9x Magnification, awesome
MOA tick marks
Picture is so clear

The yellow lens cover (back) might get you spotted while in-game.

by Ana J. on 2008-12-25 22:04:51
"this is a very good scope!!I put it on my utg m324 and it seems to work well with it also this scope is full metal sooo its very durable trust me you will love this scope
by Dallin W. on 2008-12-25 17:40:36
"This is the Best scope for all airsoft guns (unless your looking for a red dot for an assault rifle). The best magnification for airsoft is 3x for lowest and the highest you would ever need is 6x (unless u have the VFC M82a1 because that will need 9x. By far the best scope you will ever need.
by john l. on 2008-08-12 21:51:11
"dammit buy this scope youll love it! i love it so you will as well. this will fit on all RIS rails like on m4s m14s m16s etc. but you do have to jiggle it on a little bit and then screw it in. theres not problem with it at all its just that the mount is high profile (not the problem) and it is a tight fit which is good but you wont be able to put it on in mid of game( why would you anyways....) the retract is AWESOME. very clear. now here it comes the CON. the CON is that the lens protectors that it gives you for FREE which can be TAKEN OFF breaks in 1 shot. i was playing with it and blamo! NOOOOO it broke and it looked so sweet on it too. but watever you can just take it off no problem. i think it matches its price 100% youll love it a lot dont get those illuminated scopes that cost so freakin much. this will be enough for outdoor or indoor cqb (which is pretty dumb but i feel a sniper in a cqb map is cool)
by Dylan C. on 2008-08-08 22:38:42
"Buy it and don't even look at any other scopes this is the one

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