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AIM 2-7x32 Long Eye Relief Tactical Scope for Pistols and Rifles w/ Rings.

9 Customer Reviews

by Alex H. on 11/10/2017
"Good weight. Construction seems top notch. Longer then I thought it would be, 10.5 inches. Eye relief for me measured anywhere from one inch to 9 inches. Supplied rings only set the scope about half an inch above rail so have some risers or spare rings on hand. View through the scope is crystal clear through all magnifications. Even at 7x looking at a wall 10 feet away view is not distorted. Cross hairs are a little thin in the center, but Iíll get use to it. Beats having a massive red dot covering what your trying to hit.
by Jiangcheng L. on 04/29/2015
"10/10 scope, this is a awesome scope, 2-7X32 is very helpful for long range and short range. I dropped it once and it is fine, I have it on my m14 EBR, it helped a lot. It did not came with the raised mount, but after I sent an email to Evike, they send a pair of raised mount. The only problem I have with it, is the scope can turn 360 degrees on the mount, I believe that the problem of the scope mount, but it is really annoying. I would recommend it.

2-7X32, very helpful
Full aluminum, it does not break(although I do have a scratch on it.)
Good for DMR and sniper
Can see through the scope with both eyes open.
by william g. on 01/26/2014
"10/10 very nice scope. when they say long eye relief they mean LOOOOOOONNG eye relief. i have this set up on a m14 dmr format, and its amazing. the long eye relief is very comfortable seeing that even with a full rail system the scope is place very far up on the rifle. with 2X capabilities i can use this like an ACOG. and when i go up to 7X it functions beautifully as a sniper scope.

amazing for any dmr and most snipers
long eye relief

rides REALLY low on my rifle.
this looks cool but can be an inconvenience for someone with iron sights like the ones on my m14.
you don't have one yet

all in all i would buy this again, and would suggest this scope to any DMR airsofter.
by Jacob B. on 10/29/2012
"I've used this scope in several games now and I'm really liking it. Before I go off about how wonderful it is I'm going to get the couple of things I didn't like out of the way. First off, buy new scope rings to raise it, the ones it came with would allow the scope to actually press against my rails and it just looked plain wrong. Keep in mind when buying scope rings that this has a 1" Tube Diameter. Second, the zoom tends to be a little blurry around 6 & 7, but no big deal because when does an airsoft gun shoot that far am I right? Now on to the good, the EYE RELIEF IS AWESOME. It makes it so much easier and quicker to not have to bring my head all the way in to see my crosshairs and more comfortable as well. The zoom function works great. The scope looks sexy, and is very easy to adjust. And the price is unbeatable, for $50 you can have a fantastic scope that won't disappoint. The whole thing feels good and sturdy too.

-Solid construction
-Looks good
-Simple adjustment
-Eye relief!

-Rings it came with don't raise it at all
-A little blurry on some zooms
-I didn't get more than one
by Steven L. on 02/23/2011
"This is an amazing scope for both medium rang and long range.
I recently got this scope and I mounted it on my M14. The 2x zoom lets me use this scope in the closer fire fights and the 3-5x allows me to use it as a sniper rifle. The 7x zoom is a bit much for the range on my M14 so I use it to do recon and to watch other people's hand signals.

The scope is almost a foot long so it will look funny on a gun that doesn't have a very long barrel, like the P90 and an MP5, but it looks good on just about everything else, like the SOCOM M14 and SCAR. It looks the best on a revolver with a rail though I don't see many people looking for scopes for their revolver.

I use this scope in CQB as well as anywhere else on the field. Most people would prefer a red dot, but I prefer the 2x zoom (since I'm color blind and I can't see the red dot most of the time). As awkward as it may sound to use a scope in CQB, it really does work as long as you don't press the gun into your shoulder when you aim. A shorter scope would be better but its not like you can't do it. Play how you play.

The rings are a bit taller than expected but it works out great for how I aim. Everything is solid and it feels better than the ones you can find at walmart for $150. Adjusting it is easy and takes some practice but it you have friends helping you, it will be easy.

I recommend this scope for anyone with a rifle who doesn't mind a long scope. I don't recommend this for anyone with an AEG that is only for CQB since you will most likely want a shorter one. I give this scope a 5/5 because of the stability, the usefulness, and the practicality that it brings me out on the field.
by vincent s. on 01/08/2011
"just got this 2 days ago really clear and nice looking i highly recomend this scope to anyone who has a sniper rifle.
by Robert H. on 06/05/2017
"Great sight, just rides very low. With some new scope mounts it's perfect. Just a note it does scratch easily.
by Charlene B. on 06/09/2011
"Steven L's review hits the nail on the head, the only con I can add to it, though, it doesn't bother me at all so I don't see it as a "con". On the A&K SR-25 it will wobble back and forth but its more or less b/c of the R.I.S. on the gun and not the mounts for the scope.
by Frank B. on 04/19/2010
"I've had this scope for about a year and it is excellent. I have only had one problem with it, which was in the description it says ďseven levels of brightnss, but there isnít any brightness to begin with, just a regular scope. It actually did its job and more, since of the eye relief allows me to see the target without having my eye to be practically all over it. To sum it up, this scope is a major help in my MG36, without it I would have probably gotten less kills, and more deaths.


Eye relief (makes it better for me, since Iím a gunner)

Metal (stuff is sturdy)

Good field of vision (actually can see great)

Tall scope rings (I have a G36e2/Mk36e2, and I can see over the iron sights)

Easy adjustable knobs (it has a slot for flat head screw drivers, but you can do it just by hand)


Price is too high (seriously good scope, but common 50 bucks?)

No brightness settings (kind of bummed, but it made up for it)