Reviews: Matrix Military Style 4x32 Range Estimating Rifle Scope (AO & Mil-Dot Reticle)


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Model: Scope-MTX-RF432AO

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by cody r. on 2008-12-16 10:30:43
"The thing is good my friend has it on his shadow ops sniper and once you get it dialed in its awsome
by james k. on 2008-10-02 02:59:59
"this the best scope ive seen for an airsoft gun its better than my $200 scope for my rifle i put it on my UTG L96 and it works amazingly
Like the lens cover very high quality they just pop open when you open up and the scope is much bigger than the picture depicts its true size great scope and a great buy get love and cherish it probaly the only scope you ever need.
by Clay D. on 2008-07-24 21:15:54
"This scope is a must buy for any airsofter who is just looking for high quality equipment at a low price(not serious airsofters). It is the lowest price on the market. But no only is it at a low price, but it still has great quality.

-great price
-awsome look+feel
-easy to use
-comes with rings and sunshade
-very durable

-covers fall off easily(so take off when in skirmishes)
-not illuminated

I hope this review helps:)
by luke m. on 2008-06-29 00:50:29
"Overall this scope is great, it has a crystal clear image, feels sturdy, and is full metal. The scope rings are a great bonus, they're low rise, and are also full metal. I really like the finger-capable adjustment of elevation and windage. The only problem that i have is that it doesnt magnify enough. I figured 4x would be enough, but i now wish i had purchased a 6x...
by Howard H. on 2008-05-02 22:32:25
"For the money this is one of the best scopes you can get, it comes with everything you need (rings, sunshade, cleaning cloth, etc.) The only down fall of this scope is that it has a relatively small aperature which means your field of view is restricted. Then only other thing you might need for this scope is a set of high rise rings if your going to mount it on an AR type weapon. It is very adjustable and can adjust without tools, you just uscrew the caps and you can adjust the knobs with your hands. Also the mildot recticle is helpful for adjusting for windage and elivation without changing the zero on your scope.

Displaying 13 to 17 (of 17 reviews)

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