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Matrix Military Style 4x32 Range Estimating Rifle Scope (AO & Mil-Dot Reticle)

17 Customer Reviews

by Dominic F. on 07/30/2016
"Great scope, it comes with a sun shade that you can choose to remove and has a fixed power level, 4x. But it has good, clear optics, no halo, and great length. It has a simple mil-dot reticle and a range estimation/quick focus lens. Great scope for a DMR setup, but get higher scope rings. 4.5/5
by Ronaldo A. on 05/08/2016
"All n all i just want to say THIS SCOPE IS AMAZING!!! But I would pay for it a little bit more if the magnification isn't fixed but you get what you pay for. it's an amazing scope for the price the. biggest con i have with this scope is the fixed magnification a little bit of a bummer. But all n all i would say BUY IT!!! you get more than what you pay for trust me this scope wont let you down.

Range estimating
Mil dot reticle
Comes with sun shade
Comes with lens caps
Come with sope rings

not illuminated
Fixed magnification
Scope caps fall occasionaly (but nothing like an electrical tape or super glue wont fix)
by Sean A. on 07/19/2014
"i was surprised at the quality of this scope, since i don't really like matrix products. but for the price, you won't find a better scope.

super bright view, and it's crazy lightweight. perfect for a run and gun DMR

great finish, and love that it came with flip up covers and an extended hood. might have to buy this again for future DMR builds.
by Gabe B. on 08/13/2010
"Nothing bad about this scope. Get it, it's the perfect magnification for airsoft and it's built tough.

-Clear reticle and picture (unlike my bros crappy 3-9x40 scope that came with his gun)
-You don't need a tool to adjust wind. and elev. (unlike normal 3-9x40 scopes that come with a lot of sniper rifles)
-Easy mount
-Very nice covers and sun shade
-Easy focus
-Don't need to worry about different magnifications

-none, it's great
by Patrick W. on 09/28/2009
"This is an excellent scope for the money. Very sturdy, easy to mount, easy to adjust focus, etc, etc. I got it a month or so ago and have been using it on my JG L96A1 and am pleased with it.


1. Very sturdy
2. Easily and securely mounted
3. Low profile scope rings
4. Mil-Dot reticle
5. Attachable sun-shade
6. Lens covers


1. It takes a lot of turning to adjust the reticle when sighting in.
2. No zooming
3. You need a flathead to adjust the reticle with the dials.

I have no real quarrels with this scope. Very, very nice product for the low price. Buy it.
by Alex W. on 09/26/2009
"I used to own this scope and it was amazing pretty much best scope for the price. But i forget, will the scope rings fit on a 20 mm rail as in an aeg rail?
by Jared A. on 04/14/2009
"i just received this scope today and i am very pleased with it. looks great, feels great, and performs great. comes with all the stuff you will need to keep it clean and maintained. it is very heavy and all metal for durability. if anyone would like to see my review on it, please copy and paste the name of the scope into youtube and you will find the review done by "dudejrod".
by Eric J. on 03/23/2009
"this scope is awesome! i didn't get it for about two months for some reason but its well worth the wait people. definitely worth the money too! plus it comes with a sunshade for free, which is worth more than the scope itself! excellent buy! 5/5
by John C. on 03/21/2009
"I installed this on a UTG ShadowOps MK96. It's crystal-clear, comes with scope rings, sun shade, cleaning cloth, tools, and information on how to use the range estimation.
by Murray W. on 03/08/2009
"I am buying this (It's in my Cart) For my L96.. (UTG Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle OD Green)
And the reason why I am buying this; is because... my friend has one on his UTG Shadow Ops sniper rifle [Black] and it is amazing... if you are thinking about getting this scope... There is no compitition,...This is the Over all best scope you can buy.

by cody r. on 02/27/2009
"my friend has this on his shadow ops sniper ant if you tune it right it is very good
by matt w. on 01/14/2009
"Just got this today and am very pleased the only think i dont like is that it comes with low pro scope rings other than that this is the best thats out there for the price.
by cody r. on 12/16/2008
"The thing is good my friend has it on his shadow ops sniper and once you get it dialed in its awsome
by james k. on 10/02/2008
"this the best scope ive seen for an airsoft gun its better than my $200 scope for my rifle i put it on my UTG L96 and it works amazingly
Like the lens cover very high quality they just pop open when you open up and the scope is much bigger than the picture depicts its true size great scope and a great buy get love and cherish it probaly the only scope you ever need.
by Clay D. on 07/24/2008
"This scope is a must buy for any airsofter who is just looking for high quality equipment at a low price(not serious airsofters). It is the lowest price on the market. But no only is it at a low price, but it still has great quality.

-great price
-awsome look+feel
-easy to use
-comes with rings and sunshade
-very durable

-covers fall off easily(so take off when in skirmishes)
-not illuminated

I hope this review helps:)