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G&P Slim Rubber Hand Guard Ladder Rail Cover - Set of 4 (Color: Black)

11 Customer Reviews

by Haakon L. on 12/09/2015
"These give a comfortable grip around the rails. I like them a lot, was sort of a hard fit on my Knights Armament free float rails, but pushing them on from one side and gently bending it outwards while pushing it down on the other side made them fit nicely. They are secured to the rail of course and will stay on.

Use a scissor or sharp knife to get clean cuts when adjusting length, do this with care. Keep the cut-off pieces, you never know when you are expanding your rail system or need them on another gun.

Short version: Great bang for the buck, definitely recommended!
by Christian S. on 07/13/2014
"These are just brilliant if you dont want the big flimsy railcovers!

Pro's :

You can cut them to your desired length.
They fit super snug between your rails
There is 4 in the pack for $12!!
Low profile rail covers for a much much MUCH more comfortable grip!

by John H. on 06/08/2013
"I just put these on my gun and the are awesome.

OD color is not too green, but just the right color.
very low profile

they can be hard to put on, you just need to stretch them over both sides of your rails and press the ribs in.
by gavin p. on 05/27/2013
"Great rail covers!! They fit amazingly tight on my aim ris rail and are surprisingly comfortable! The tan is a bit light though so you should try to match this color as best as you can.

Will never fall off
Makes your gun look cool with the right accessories
Lots of ladder to use on larger rail systems

Took me like 20 mins to put on (I had to use a knife to file the covers in and then pound them in fully with a hammer)
Thats the only real con

This is a great rail cover set just be careful because they go in really tight on certain rail systems and you don't want to scratch your rail with the wrong tools when putting them in! Overall five stars.
by matt n. on 09/07/2012
"these rail protecters are great they make the rails look great and not only do they protect the rails but mine was pretty sharp so they also feel comfortable so I could'nt ask for any better thanks evike.
by george b. on 03/05/2012
"The quality is great and its a snug fit on my rails so I would not be worried about them coming off at all. As long as you dont take it on and off I would not worry about it ripping. They are sleek and low profile allowing good grip while protecting your rails. The tan is not very dark, I have tan XTM rail covers and a tan AFG on my rails and the ladder is a lighter tan than the two. The color of the ladders in the picture are the same color as what you will be getting. Each one is a little under 7 inches long. Each one can be cut into smaller sections for smaller available rail spaces.

great fit
7" length
tacti-cool look
good grip
cut to adjust.

awkward to put on (In the end you get a really durable fit)
light coloring (not that bad of a color)
by Matt J. on 12/09/2008
"I prefer these WAY more than the normal covers that go over a RIS kit. I have always liked the look of an uncovered RIS and this is perfect for adding extra grip, imo. A little pricey for $6 a strip but oh well, they're nice anyway.
by Kip N. on 10/23/2008
"I received these today, and I'm very satisfied. It's not stated in the description, but they are made of rubber and give your rail system a very good feel. helps keep a good grip on your gun.
by Joshua M. on 06/13/2008
"There are a lot of different covers out there but I finally decided on these. The rails on mu Echo 614 are a little sharp and these are great. They are two slots shorter than the front rail on it but they look and feel great. I like the gun much more now that they are on it.

They look like they could easily be cut if you like to mount a foregrip, battery, smoothy maker, and a flashlight on the front of your gun and want to do a partial cover.
by Adam F. on 05/11/2014
"These aren't technically covers but are a good set of rail guards that fit in between the rail gaps. You can cut them to any size you need to work around accessories. I use them on my G&P DD MK12 MARSOC build. the only bad thing, which honestly might be a good thing, is that these are hard to put onto the rails as you have to press them onto the rails. Other than that these are high quality rail guards.

strong material
G&P quality
good feeling on the rails
darker color than tan
stays in place once properly attached to rails.

Hard to put on the rails by hand (will need a tool to help press them into the rail gaps)
by michael a. on 01/18/2015
"This product sucks big time. It does not fit Madbull DD Lite RIS. The spacing is off between ladders and doesn't snap to rail. Spend the extra money for Magpul ladder covers.