Reviews: AIM "Real Steel" High Grade M4 QUAD RIS Handguard w/ Rubberized Rail Covers


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Model: RIS-MT021wRC

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by Nick K. on 2016-03-04 14:44:52
"This just got delivered today and a previous comment said it would be very easy to install on a KWA KM4 Commando, however I can't get it to fit into the spot where it should go, it also does not come with rubberized rail guards as advertised. If someone could help me to figure out how to install it that would be great.
by Cody P. on 2015-07-01 19:02:39
"Just had one delivered to my house. I installed it on my KWA Commando. It is very simple to install. Just popped off the original M4 plastic handgrips and slapped the upper and lower rails into place. The rails also come with four screws and an allen key. So after you get it on and you put the four screws in to help it stay sturdy the rail has absolutely no wobble or movement. I am pretty satisfied with this rail system even though it's a basic upgrade. I recommend this to anyone who may not have the tech skills to do a full upgrade.

Simple Upgrade
Good Finish
No Wobble or Movement

None At The Moment
by Alex W. on 2014-01-25 04:22:13
"Just got these installed on the m4 i built and they look and work great. I put a JG front assembly on so if you hav a JG m4 with a delta ring these will work but they do take a bit of work to get them on just a little tap will do.

-full metal
-numbered rails
-great look (they are identical to my real m4
-comes with rubber grips

by brandon S. on 2014-01-07 22:20:42
"I received this handguard very quickly and was immediately impressed with the weight. After installing this on my kwa cqr mod1 I fell in love with it. I'm will no go back to the standard gaurd that my gun came with.

It will fit onto most standard m4/m16 that's uses a delta ring

Lots of space
(Not sure if this is a pro but it will make it easier to change battery's) you will have to if you gun is wired to the front run a peq box because you will not be able to fit any sized battery inside. Also you have to use the provided screws to keep it together.

As of yet I can't think of any

To sum it all up if you want space for attachments on a carbine platform this is the rails you will need. 10/10
by Michael R. on 2013-07-22 14:08:51
"NO WOBBLE, SECURE fitment, I highly recommend this tactical rail system for anyone who wants to add grips, lasers, lights, sights or anything else to the end of their m4 airsoft rifle!

*Just make sure the delta ring is fully depressed before installing the TOP piece (3rails on it) -its a tight fit, but it WILL fit (I installed it with no tools). The second piece basically slips in and is secured with the hex screws. Also, the end of this RIS rail hand guard that is closest to the flash hider, fits on TOP of the hand guard cap instead of inside it like most of the plastic m4 handguards do.

-NO WOBBLE (no side to side movement), NO front to back play- This thing is SOLID!!!
-Full metal
-rubber hand grips are a harder rubber, which helps to securely install them on the rails
-numbered rail positions- for those who switch out attachments and still maintain consistency with their sights or grips

by gavin p. on 2013-05-12 08:45:23
"Great rail system! Great quality metal. This rail system is a very good rail system for the money AND comes with rail hand guards!! The rails can be sharp at some places but that is what the hand guards are for. Very stable. Its a very tight fit on my King Arms m4 GBBR.

Great finish
Price point is amazing!!
No wobble
Comes with hand guards

Don't over tighten screws!
Hard to get on

Get this rail system!!!! It is absolutely amazing!!!
by George B. on 2013-02-13 17:33:05
"I bought this for my KA M4A1 Ultra Grade. It was really hard to install but it has ZERO wobble. What can I say it does its job. Also the Rail covers it comes with don't fit.....

no wobble
does its job
comes with rail covers

hard to install
rail covers don't fit
by Frode S. on 2012-12-22 03:44:56
"I got this rail system yestarday, and I quite like it!
Though it was a bit hard to get on, I had to use a screwdriver and a hammer to get it in place, but now it fits perfect!
No wobble at all!
-Full metal
-Comes with 12 comfortable rail covers
-No wobble
-A bit hard to get on
-Wouldn't fit in the delta-ring without a bit of force.

Overall a great rail system
by Sean L. on 2012-12-04 10:01:06
"just got this the other day for my G&G CM16 GBB, i read in one of the earlier comments that it "doesn't fit G&G Combat Machines without mod", however the only issue i encountered was a little difficulty getting it to fit around the inside of the delta ring, but with a little bit of force, i got it on. Its a real snug fit, but its just that, it fits. The RIS itself is pretty good quality, full metal, so it adds a bit of weight to the front end but nothing too bad, all in all im satisfied with this product. in my opinion, good purchase.
by Daniel F. on 2011-11-27 17:36:38
"this is an excellent rail system.


Full metal
rubberized rail covers


doesnt fit on G&G Combat Machines without mod..
by Charlene B. on 2011-11-22 14:23:50
"Fits a King Arms M4 perfectly. Finish is alot better than how it looks in the photo. Seems like a good buy for $55.00
by John P. on 2011-10-10 17:11:18
"Received this today with my order. Looks great, has very durable construction, and really is real steel.

If you're worried about durability, worry no more. I put this rail system on my REAL 6.8SPC LWRC M6, and fired 360 rounds. Afterwards, the rails still had no wobble AT ALL. They were a bit warm, but that's to be expected. If the recoil of the 6.8SPC fired 360 times didn't shake it loose, I'm pretty sure playing airsoft won't.

Came with 12 rail covers, and for $55...good luck finding anything better.

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