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Tactical Folding CAMO Airsoft Key Ring Gel Pen. (Limit One per order)

65 Customer Reviews

by gabe b. on 02/23/2009
"This IS the best tokyo marui clone out there. The tip is full metal!!! unlike the TM version it comes with a mid cap no-winding ink cartridge the fps is the same as the TM version though the foldable half is made of much better plastic as well the rear clip mount is plastic thats the only con unless you wanna pay $100 more for the TM version this is a great buy
by Andrew M. on 02/16/2009
"This is a Fantastic bit of hardware here With its Awsome camo paintjob to its ball point ink hider. Its fully compatible with INK so upgrades arnt a problem It also has 3 slots for u to shoot out of when using this movable camo cover. Its compact enough for CQB and with a quick flick its full length will reach out there and touch whatever u want ez. Its even got the intel on evike sealed within it. Gr8 buy 5 stars ez
get this or ul regret it
by Aaron L. on 02/13/2009
"Rofl at Clay G.
This is a decent pen.
The ink flow is relatively steady and only requires a shake every once in a while.
I order one with every order I make.
C'mon, it's one-cent. Just get it.
by alan h. on 01/29/2009
"Ok a couple things about this pen errrr airsoft gun. First, stock accuracy is outstanding. I was able to shoot my name down in 1/2 inch groupings from 1ft. Second, ROF is incredible.. it's almost like it shoots out a line of ink.. errr BB's.

Some things i noticed about this. The batt. has only about 700lett. so you may want to upgrade to a 2000lett or so. The outer barrel is sometimes wobbly but that may be because for some odd reason, this gun folds in half!

Some upgrades i reccomend include a G-RIP system so you can mount things such as your fingers. A 1mm high precision bearing ball for faster IPS (ink-per-second).

The camo that comes with this is outstanding! I stowed it in my pocket and nobody ever saw it!

The only real problem i had with this was that when i brought it to my local field, i was laughed at and the word "pen" kept coming up. Well, who cares about them. Buy this! It may not seem like a good deal but once you get it, it'll be all worth it!

by Clay G. on 12/20/2008
"yah i mounted my 'nade launcher on this beast. it already shoots like 350 outta the box. I do suggest buying a silencer though, because it's pretty loud. Overall It's a good weapon to unload on people with. This pen will make you feel like rambo.
by Patrick P. on 12/11/2008
"can't go wrong with a pen that costs one cent!

I was surprised that it retracts itself automatically. Very nice!
by Patrick H. on 11/24/2008
"This fake bayonet goes onto the end of my M4 really well. It may slide off but a little tape should hold it securely. Anyways, this thing looks intimidating. When you use this in a stabbing motion toward someone, they will actually run away, even though its just a fake bayonet. It looks that real.
by Shannon J. on 11/23/2008
"I got this with my order and gave it to a friend who keeps asking me for pens... so its a great thing, i havent been asked recently.
by Jason B. on 11/08/2008
"You can't go wrong with this! Looks nice, doesn't weigh too much... AND it has a woodland camo design! It doesn't have an orange tip, either, so you could hide, waiting for a buddy to walk by, and then AMBUSH!!! This will leave some nice marks that won't go away easily!
And to top it off, it's basically free!
by Michael Z. on 11/03/2008
"i love the reviews for this item, very clever.

i took this item straight out of the package and was impressed, the weight and lines certainly hold true to the real steel, and first time i used it i shot out three solid lines in record time, accuracy was a bit of an issue so i might have to upgrade the ink barrel, but other than that i intend to certainly use it all i can and get myself a few more as backups in case i run empty in the middle of a fast paced battle of words
by Jeffrey K. on 10/20/2008
"all i will say is that it makes systema look like an LPAEG. U WILL PWN EVERYONE WITH THIS AWSOME PEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Alex B. on 10/11/2008
"Does anyone know if this comes with a hicap ink cartridge? how many letters can it write without reloading?

by Tyler W. on 10/11/2008
"This is a PWPTE (Professional Writing Pen for Tactical Encounters) once in class, I needed to take a test so I whipped this baby out and did it, unfortunately I still bombed the test as a result of not studying but, you get the point.
by Tariq N. on 10/10/2008
"Better than a penny. Why would you not put this on an order you have? anyone?
by paul g. on 10/06/2008
""wow" thats wut i said as soon as ups shipped it to my door, I was so impressed i threw my brand new full metal G&p M16 outta the way, and grabbed this puppy, it may not have a metal body, but boy this sucker can perform. the best writing ive ever seen has come outta this pen, it is very reliable. it's foldable for CQB and for those long shots just fold it back to its full length and u will have the steadiest writing on the field. the camo is amazing too, as i was crawling through the bushes no one was even aware of my presence. it was such a great deal just like an echo1 or a jg. this is a must buy for all airsofters begginer or pro, u wont be dissappointed. o ya it has a sling mount on the back, u can hook it up to ur key chain, this is definatley a breakthrough in airsoft technology. 5 STARS