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Tactical Folding CAMO Airsoft Key Ring Gel Pen. (Limit One per order)

65 Customer Reviews

by Joe B. on 05/01/2010
"It was brilliant. I got three kills with this at CQB, and then, when I ran out of BBs, I rang you thanks to the brilliantly tactical Phone Number on the side. I received the BBs that I oredered over the phone via a brilliant airdrop service. I actually won the game.
by Edric C. on 04/28/2010
"It's one cent. It's also a gel pen. Get it. It writes well and clips onto pretty much anything. If you need less than $10 to get free shipping, you can get up to $9.99 worth of these, although you will get only one.
by Steve V. on 01/28/2010
"SIMPLY THE COOLEST PEN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Hunter M. on 01/26/2010
"with this new and improved flip out pen this is made excellent for sighing treat... heck we dont write treatys in airsoft! it makes excellent for getting auto graphs from famous airsofters and just writing on peoples necks also it can fit on your load bearing ring so you dont have to put it in your pocket and risk loosing it
by trevor S. on 10/11/2009
"i duck taped it on my m4 and is a very good bayonet for the when your game is over you can wright an essay.

Webmaster: Awesome!!
by Aaron D. on 09/29/2009
"The only problem I have with this is that whenever people see it they ask if they can have it. On my next order I'll have to get one to sell... maby I'll hold an auction for it. lol
by Joseph R. on 09/20/2009
"this is a great gel pen and i used it when i ran out of writing utencles. this is a great emergancy pen for writing checks or something
get it now
by Chad T. on 09/20/2009
"duuude this thing is amazing. i put a laser pointer and a silencer on it, so now my teachers never know when im shooting crap at them in the middle of class! shoots about 380 fps, AND works as a bayonette! evry1 shud
by Joey Q. on 09/11/2009
"one thing to say abuot this: awesome. its a great stabbing/melee weapon too! 8=D~
by Nathan M. on 04/15/2009
"Great deal for a pen that's virtually free. Put it on your keychain for your car keys or something. It's even camo incase you need to write in the middle of a battle.
by Robert T. on 03/19/2009
"This thing is awesome. the ink capacity is awesome,it holds at least 3-4 pages worth of pure sentences, not even double spaced! I got a high petrolium based ink cartridge for it and it writes like a machine.
by Ryan F. on 03/14/2009
"great pen, its extremely effective if it has a red dot scope and a laser. And the great thing about it is it has its own camo already!
by Tom D. on 03/13/2009
"In response to terry s., i too feel bad for the man that believed this 'pen' was a ''bayonet''.hehe.I just hope he does notget charged or anything. it would be funny if you ducttaped it on your g36e and went off running like a wild idiot and began to stab people,screamin yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!ha.or, you could hve it in your hand so that when your battle rifle quits,you can put a bb on the tip of your finger and snap the pen! you might get someone out!lol.hehe. that would be funny.
by awsome o. on 03/11/2009
"i ran out of ammo so i grabbed my pen and ran to my freind alex who was on the othe team and i stabbed him 27 times. then i saw the tip broke of and was stuck in him. so i got him to the hostipital and the docter came to me after 5 hours of sugery and he said we got the tip out so the we think the pen will wright again and i was sooo happy and then alex died so i was even happyer THIS PEN IS BEAST!!!!!!!!!!

Webmaster: The above "review" is just too funny we had to post it. Do not assault anyone. It will be against Airsoft rules or USA law. This pen is for "writing" and "show off" purpose only.
by Finley O. on 03/01/2009
"Dammit my spring jammed.
very versatile. great sidearm and was a great grenade fer my m203 until I shot my precal homework.