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Model: Pen-CAMO

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by Tyler W. on 2008-10-11 18:20:25
"This is a PWPTE (Professional Writing Pen for Tactical Encounters) once in class, I needed to take a test so I whipped this baby out and did it, unfortunately I still bombed the test as a result of not studying but, you get the point.
by Tariq N. on 2008-10-10 21:25:09
"Better than a penny. Why would you not put this on an order you have? anyone?
by Michael L. on 2008-10-08 10:00:35
"Its a pen. It writes. It folds. It's 1 cent. Get it.
by paul g. on 2008-10-06 19:43:09
""wow" thats wut i said as soon as ups shipped it to my door, I was so impressed i threw my brand new full metal G&p M16 outta the way, and grabbed this puppy, it may not have a metal body, but boy this sucker can perform. the best writing ive ever seen has come outta this pen, it is very reliable. it's foldable for CQB and for those long shots just fold it back to its full length and u will have the steadiest writing on the field. the camo is amazing too, as i was crawling through the bushes no one was even aware of my presence. it was such a great deal just like an echo1 or a jg. this is a must buy for all airsofters begginer or pro, u wont be dissappointed. o ya it has a sling mount on the back, u can hook it up to ur key chain, this is definatley a breakthrough in airsoft technology. 5 STARS
by Joe M. on 2008-10-06 17:30:43
"Amazing FPS.
Its got adjustable hop up and FPS to however fast you write!
I recommend buying one of these whenever you order something from this website, it blows the other pens out of the water.
by Ryan Y. on 2008-09-30 08:31:35
"if you throw this very fast pass the chrono, you might get maybe 200 fps if you are a really good pitcher. other than that, its a great pen and I carry one in my pocket since it is folding. I also hang one on my vest just in case I need a pen.
by William L. on 2008-09-25 12:11:09
"Did someone just ask for the FPS on a PEN?!?! answer your question, the FPS for this PEN is 350fps with 0.5 viscocity black ink.
by Nicklas R. on 2008-09-25 05:33:48
"Dude.... your stupid or something?? Pens dont have fps
by Daniel S. on 2008-09-06 16:24:18
"AMAZING LEVEL OF CAMO! does anyone know where i can get a pen rag to go with my ghillie?

-_ great for writing sneaking missions covert ops and shanking hobos GREAT BUY!
by Steven K. on 2008-08-04 17:06:37
"so camoflaged, you cant even see yourself writing. these pens are SICK! ;P
by Patrick H. on 2008-07-13 15:25:09
"Great for hiding in the bushes. This alone will keep you completely camouflaged. Then, when they come by, you can jump out and stab them through the hand like Jason Bourne.

Oh, and you can write with this too.
by donovan e. on 2008-07-03 00:42:47
"I got one of these and its fun to have. I have it on my vest.

Displaying 49 to 60 (of 65 reviews)

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