Reviews: Tactical Folding CAMO Airsoft Key Ring Gel Pen. (Limit One per order)


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Model: Pen-CAMO

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by Blaise D. on 2010-09-02 22:07:49
"This pen is awesome the gel is nice and feels good in your hand the ink last a long time. i really like it, SO BUY IT:)
by memo g. on 2010-06-12 09:14:31
"very reliable in battle and also has gel so you know your not running out of ammo any time soon. lol get it!!!
by memo g. on 2010-06-09 12:38:19
"WOW.. all i can say is WOW .. this pen has amazing quality and great ink capacity. i nearly was shot for losing all utensils but then i remembered this AEG QUALITY PEN. IT SAVED MY LIFE JUST FOR A NICE AMOUNT OF 1 CENT:) I LOVE EVIKE.COM
by Joe B. on 2010-05-01 10:39:10
"It was brilliant. I got three kills with this at CQB, and then, when I ran out of BBs, I rang you thanks to the brilliantly tactical Phone Number on the side. I received the BBs that I oredered over the phone via a brilliant airdrop service. I actually won the game.
by Edric C. on 2010-04-28 16:56:41
"It's one cent. It's also a gel pen. Get it. It writes well and clips onto pretty much anything. If you need less than $10 to get free shipping, you can get up to $9.99 worth of these, although you will get only one.
by Collin M. on 2010-04-06 20:32:51
"i just got mine, lets takes a bit of scribbling for the ink to come out but it works like a normal good pen.

comforitable grip
works well
small(could be pro)
has a clip for clipping onto stuff :3

takes a few seconds for the ink to start working when you first get it(boohoo its just a few seconds)
small(could be con)
if your in desert or snow its wrong camo!!!!!!!!!!!!

overall review:
ITS A PEN!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!
by Sam S. on 2010-03-15 16:08:07
"This is a really cool pen. Its fold out future is really cool. Its a bit smaller than you would expect but its still a good pen. WORTH $0.01 !!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT DEAL!!!
by Steve V. on 2010-01-28 22:13:29
"SIMPLY THE COOLEST PEN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Hunter M. on 2010-01-26 14:47:08
"with this new and improved flip out pen this is made excellent for sighing treat... heck we dont write treatys in airsoft! it makes excellent for getting auto graphs from famous airsofters and just writing on peoples necks also it can fit on your load bearing ring so you dont have to put it in your pocket and risk loosing it
by trevor S. on 2009-10-11 02:22:06
"i duck taped it on my m4 and is a very good bayonet for the when your game is over you can wright an essay.

Webmaster: Awesome!!
by Aaron D. on 2009-09-29 11:00:09
"The only problem I have with this is that whenever people see it they ask if they can have it. On my next order I'll have to get one to sell... maby I'll hold an auction for it. lol
by Joseph R. on 2009-09-20 19:02:08
"this is a great gel pen and i used it when i ran out of writing utencles. this is a great emergancy pen for writing checks or something
get it now

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 65 reviews)

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