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Model: Pouch-MA16-BK

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by Blake C. on 2013-01-11 17:27:02
"Love it! It is perfect for EDC or Every Day Carry, and if you don't want to carry it just loop it on your vest, backpack, belt, and everything in between. It does hold alot for something so little. Copy and paste the title of the product on youtube and my vid should pop up when i upload it. Every and anybody should have atleast one or two of them. Good job evike.
by Chris L. on 2011-03-24 20:19:17
"Best Pouch I have ever bought. As of now holds my:

SOG multitool
Folding knife
Spare CO2 cartridge
Spare red dot batteries
Spare flashlight batteries
Allen wrench
Dead rag
Iphone 4 (in a well designed built in padded section)

It is very well organized and compact, I would highly recommend this to any Airsoft player.
by Dean B. on 2010-04-02 20:22:35
"i got this at a local surplus store. awesome alternative to an admin pouch. the insides are padded to protect the screens on anything you put in it. i have kind of a hook thing on the top of my phone and with some old earphone wire i turned one of the two straps inside the pouch into a leash. havent lost my phone yet. great pouch, highly recommended if you're looking for something other than an admin.
by Kyle L. on 2010-01-08 12:57:43
"This Is A good pouches i love thins thing is cool i used it for my acu bag you can even see it but yeah love this pouch
by Mathew D. on 2008-12-30 19:59:38
"This is a great little pouch... about 2in bigger, wider than an IPhone. Great for your phones, pens, and has a pocket / pouch / strings to hold just about anything.
by Brandon M. on 2008-05-20 20:41:42
"The pouch has a lot of room to hold many things. I was able to fit my EnV in there and it has loops to hold pens and other tools. Plus you also get a free U.S. patch. Also this pouch is price good.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)