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Matrix Hook and Loop U.S. IFF Flag Patch - Regular. (Full Color)

5 Customer Reviews

by Andy A. on 04/10/2017
"Perfect full color US Flag. Non-reverse.

Pros: Full color, regular Old Glory, low price means very affordable.

Cons: Because it is full color it won't help you hide, if you need reverse this isn't it.
by ian w. on 10/20/2011
"please disregard the idiotic comment below mine that talks about having to burn the patch,

This patch is made to a high standard, with beautiful colors! And It also comes with a patch of velcro that you could sew onto the arm of your BDU rather than being limited to a vest.

If you want a high quality US flag patch, this is the one!
by mark r. on 07/05/2008
"for anyone that is wondering, the reversed is because "back then" or still now (not sure) it would be mandatory to wear the American flag on your right side, so it was reversed to be almost like a metaphor that the Americans run into battle not away and the flag is blowing in the wind.
by caleb d. on 07/05/2008
"um i dont know why they have a reversed picture flag thats pretty much a sin of flag etiquette. but as for a patch they should be pretty good. ive used similar patches that are very old and worn in and they still hold up
by Jake B. on 11/28/2008
"If u get this patch u would have to burn it if u get it dirty or if it hits the ground because its an American flag.