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Guarder Ergonomic MOD II Tactical Vertical Foregrip (Color: Black)

3 Customer Reviews

by Justin G. on 01/29/2010
"Fellas, all I can about this grip is... WOW!!! Guarder has really outdone theirself with this Second Generation Grip.
I purchased one of the 1st Generation Grips for my KWA M16 back about a year ago. The First Generation was good, however the portion that fit over the actual rail system was slightly off; this made it nearly impossible to put on. It took me about 10 minutes of filing and hammering to get the grip in place. Once on, however, the grip was amazing! It felt great in my hand almost as if it was custom fitted. Their was simply NO WOBBLE/SHAKING WITH THE GRIP. Anyways, back to the 2nd Gen Grip:

Guarder fixed the molding issues perfectly! This thing slid on like a hot knife through butter; however, THEIR IS STILL NO WOBBLE/SHAKE WITH THE GRIP!!! Guarder also added somewhat of a rubber feel to the pannels as well as ruff edges between the finger molds; this allows for a more comfortable and stable grip. If you guys were considering this product, DO NOT HESITATE; I WOULD PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT TIME AND TIME AGAIN!!!

by Jack P. on 02/06/2009
"I have this grip as well, and I love it. My hands are on the large size (Blackhawk XXL gloves just barely fit) so its great for me. I carry CR123 batteries in the handle to replace for my flashlight if I ever need it too.
I'm not sure how Jay B. (review below me) managed to attach this grip to a gun with an M203 launcher. I see no way to attach it to an M203 as the grip attaches via picatinny rail, and I don't think it would be very comfortable to have a grip that far beneath the gun anyway. Overall however, its one of the better grips out there for the money.
by Jay B. on 12/21/2008
"I have to say, this porduct is awesome. I don't know what an actual Vert Grip for an actual AR, but this is great. It may be little bulky for some, but if you want that real feel then this product is for you. It slid on perfectly, no hammer needed. Has two slots for two different pressure switches. Construction is awesome. Highly recommend this procut. I use this one for my STAR SCAR w/M203. It looks great, all tan.