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Full Metal SD-Type Mock Silencer for Airsoft AEG

13 Customer Reviews

by jake f. on 12/26/2016
"i got this and thought "wow this is a dumb suppressor" it dosent really work to well for my old airsoft gun. but now i have gotten a longer outer barrel and it work beautifully.
by Kevin T. on 07/14/2015
"I was looking for a cosmetic change to my Echo1 Platinum M4, and the first thing is always the option of adding a mock silencer. As you know there are so many of them out there, this one just fit my desire, a silencer and the SD look, retracks back to the iron front sight, although it is still very long. The weight balanced out well with the gun, no problems there. Got it fit, and is very sturdy. One thing i need to mention, even when i am just crazy for a silencer look, i've never expected any supression affects, but, this one does somehow. It gives this 'Puff Puff...' nice and soft sounds as the bibi's flying off the tip. Some comments online and on YouTube said bibi's got stuck in the silence, it happened to me once, and you just screw open the end cap and the bibi falls out; no big deal. I love it. I also upgraded with a CQB Masters RIS, this setup look so awesome. I wanted some quick swap i don't want to do any modifications to the original equipment especially requiring cutting like the delta ring etc. I came across this hand guard and it fits awesomely with the silencer.
by Micah W. on 03/04/2015
"This mock suppressor is of excellent build quality, and can in fact add a very interesting sound to your gun if you take the front cap off. It is a pretty large suppressor so I wouldn't recommend using it for cqb fields, however you can still make it work.
by Taylor G. on 02/08/2012
"A fantastic find. Fits my KWA SR12 perfectly and gives it a really mean look. The externals and crowning on the end of the silencer are very nice as well. Only down side was that the engravings weren't painted making them hard to see but that is trivial at best. If you're looking for a great mock suppressor for you rifle look no further. Worth every penny.
by Piotr S. on 02/12/2011
"love on first sight. _3

i love it, these guys that brought it love it,

GET IT!!!!!

oh btw if you dont have m4/m16 you might need one of these "Matrix Steel 4.5" Outer Barrel Extension for Airsoft AEG" since it goes on it...

by Kyle W. on 09/16/2009
"Ok, first of ~ for all the people who think Airsoft silencers actually make your gun quieter ~ let me put this as plainly and politely as I can. The noise from an AEG comes from the motor in the pistol grip. Screwing a silencer onto the muzzle of your gun is going to have NO AFFECT on how loud the gun is. Airsoft silencers are mostly for looks, but they work GrEaT for covering extended inner barrels. I have not yet tested silencers on Gas Pistols yet, but am looking forward to trying it, although I don't think it will make a difference.

Now, my review.

I love this thing. It's very very light and will not weigh down the front of your gun. Looks incredible on a G&G M4 A3(or any other M4 really). Adds a bit of length to your gun ~ I'd estimate maybe . . . 4.5/5 inches..? More for open areas, can get in the way in CQC/CQB.

I added this to my G&G M4 ~ as I said earlier ~ and put in an extended tightbore barrel and thanks to this silencer, it's a pretty long tightbore barrel ~ the loner the barrel, the better the accuracy + the farther it sticks out. This silencer is GREAT for adding a better barrel because it's so long. It gives you more room to work with.

Anywho, great buy, planning on getting another soon. Would recommend this to anybody looking for that Tactical look on an M4(I'm sure it looks great on anything you can fit it onto, with the threads being in the center and all, but haven't had the chance to try it on anything else yet).
by Kyle S. on 01/23/2009
"Man this suppressor is sweet.i just got mine like 3 weeks ago and it looks cool and feels cool,the only down side is that i didn't know that it was hollow,but i just put Styrofoam in it and works pretty good
by Tyler H. on 12/11/2008
"Would this fit a JG M4/M16?

Webmaster: Yes, it will fit any M4 / M16 with 14mm- threaded barrel (which JG and most M4 has)
by brandon r. on 09/20/2008
"this mock silencer will not fit a jg g36c, it will fit an m4 /m16. it is only compatible with tokyo marui, g&g, g&p, classic army, and ics. i am getting this silencer 4 my ics m4!!!
by Asim K. on 12/08/2011
"Before I give my review I'd like to give some pointers before you buy.

If you have a short barrel like I do (G&G Combat Machine short raider) you MUST buy a "Matrix Steel 4.5" Outer Barrel Extension for Airsoft AEG (14mm Negative / Counter-Clockwise) only $15" b/c the thread on this silencer is close to the center, not on the edges.

If you have shorter barrel it will add an extra 9.5inches/241mm.
If you have the longer barrel it'll work fine but will only extend your length by 4.5 inches/114mm so if you're planning to upgrade your inner barrel select your inner barrel accordingly.


The silencer looks nice and has engraving on it that says:
"3rd Model MBS JBU INC. M4 CAL 6mm SER NO. 03007" it's not colored so you can barely see it.

And for the reviewers that say it does not add any silencing, it does a little. The gearbox is still loud but the sound from the front is dampened a little.

When I took it to get it chrono'd customers at the airsoft shop complimented the silencer. So it's definitely nice looking when installed properly.

I would suggest getting but since I felt that it is incomplete (meaning I had to separately purchase the 4.5inche outer barrel extension) I give it a 4 star though this shouldn't discourage you since you've been informed :o)
by paul s. on 09/14/2010
"alright just to tell you silencers do actually work... not too much but i hear the difference for this, it also creates range by a lot
love it!
by austin v. on 04/08/2010
"Very good silencer. It looks very sleek on my jg m4 s-system. There is one bad thing: it scratches very easy. Overall a very nice silencer and great look.
by David o. on 11/09/2008
"I used to have a Classic army m15a4 with a retractible stock and it looked and performed amazing with this mock scilencer on it. the only regret i had with this scilencer was that it was sold along with my m4. Im curious to know if this would work on the new WA M4 gas blowback.