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Model: Parts-ICS-MA-29
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by Jacob V. on 2009-09-16 13:24:44
"Similar to David S's experience, the laser batteries were -almost- dead. I was able to dial in and use the laser for about 2 minutes total of on-time. It took me a while to figure out how to open the box up and install the gun's battery, and I'll say it's extremely secure. In the rare event that one needs to swap batteries mid-game, though, forget about it. By loosening the laser itself I had just enough room to squeeze an intellect 10.8v 9-cell nun-chuck; the fit is tight enough that the laser unit is still held in place and the battery doesn't rattle around at all. The 9.6v nun-chuck or custom batteries are best suited to the box. The box itself is slightly slimmer than my cheap-o $20 one, and noticeably more rugged. The laser (when the batteries aren't dead) gets the job done and is fully adjustable, and this package includes a separate metal housing for it in case one decides to mount the laser by itself; as well as a dummy knob to replace the laser's spot on the box, for using the box by itself. What was missing is ICS's rail mount for this specific laser.

The bulk of the $60 price tag clearly went to the laser unit rather than the battery box, and for the two combined I think it's worth it - certainly more economical than buying the two separately. Would've liked for the independent laser mount to have been included, though.
by David S. on 2009-01-15 20:47:50
"I liked this product. It was made of plastic, but not the plastic that felt like it was going to break if you dropped it. The only problem I had was that when i got it, the batteries for the laser were completely dead. Did other people have this problem? The case itself held my 9.6v Intellect Nunchuck battery just fine, with room to spare. Overall a good product, the only problem was the dead batteries in the laser.
by William L. on 2008-08-20 08:41:04
"Nice PEQ2 box. The laser that comes with it is bright and relatively accurate. Only problem is that if you put a small battery inside, it rattles around so you may need to shove a piece of cloth or some sort of padding in it with the battery.
by D. M. on 2008-06-11 14:38:29
"Umm, as for a PEQ2 box, compare to other PEQ2 box its pretty solid. The finish on this ICS box is better than some of the Chinese made ones. The purpose of a PEQ2 box is to hold a battery. I like this one because it is the only one with a built in laser under $100.

For those that doesn't know, this laser actually fits onto the front sight of an ICS MP5. It is probably the most accurate laser for an ICS MP5 because of the standard built in mount on all the ICS MP5 A4 and A5.

The pressure switch is pretty easy to fix. I would mount it down so that it doesn't get pulled accidentally. Put some electric tape over it just incase it gets shot. (A direct hit will break most pressure switch if it is not covered...)

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)