Reviews: G&P M203 VN "SCAR FACE" Handguard For M16 Series Airsoft AEG - Black


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Model: HG-GP425
Location: D7-204 WO16-T03 WSO5-M12

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by Johnny C. on 2008-11-29 22:40:26
"The actual hand guard is made of nylon and with an aluminum layer for heat insulation, and adds strength as well as support for the barrel. Snaps solidly in place on most brands of M16s. Sight is made entirely with steel, with a nice black coat.

Light weight, as well as good pricing. Strong, but flexible enough to help with installing on to your M16.
by Ryan A. on 2008-11-06 20:34:07
"I was wondering if a QD mount would fit in this handguard?
by David R. on 2008-11-04 19:24:25
"This item fiit perfectly on my KWA M16. It is made of high quality ABS, but ..... it does have the aluminum heat reflectors inside. These look exactly like the real steel item and go well with the highly realistic chrome gas toob on the KWA. A very authentic look whenever you look down the holes of the hand guard.

by Shane R. on 2008-10-07 13:00:03
"Is this handguard made of metal? If so, what kind? I'm thinking of getting this for Christmas, need to know soon.
by Davis B. on 2008-07-13 14:23:55
"The M203 needs to be the "military type" not the "ris type". Military type is the type that mounts onto the barrel. You can get the G&P or the 2Roy. Build mine with 2roy and Evike has a custom gun wtih 2roy too. It is not hard at all to install on any m16 series. If your existing delta ring don't fit, evike has spare ones you can buy fairly cheap too, so there is no worry there.
by Gary E. on 2008-07-12 22:27:43
"SWEET! I want the JG M16 VN for christmas and have been looking at it, and this question has been driving me CRAZY! Some guys told me that I will need an M16A2 or a delta ring(whatever a delta ring is), but I don't want an A2. Another question: Do ONLY G&P M203s go on this handguard??
by Gary E. on 2008-06-19 19:02:20
"I want an M16 VN and I want to know if this will go on one.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)