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Guarder Magazine Catch / Release for KWA / KSC 17 18

6 Customer Reviews

by Matthew L. on 01/08/2017
"Awesome upgrade or replacement for my KSC 18C's. As everyone else has said, trimming down the spring rod is the way to go. I accidentally cut one down too far, but ordering another one was easy. Fixed mag seating issues I was starting to have with the stock plastic ones. Fantastic part!
by Marek P. on 09/03/2013
"This is a must have part for all KSC/KWA Glock owners!

After a couple of months, the original Mag catch weared down, because the magazines scraped about 0,5mm of it. That meant that the magazine lip did not touched the nozzle by 100% and the gas leaked out.
With this new catch the problem is eliminated.
For more, it grips way better then the stock one.

The installation: I had to cut about 1 mm (not more) from the spring rod with pliers. Took me 2 minutes.
by william u. on 12/08/2011
"Great metal piece for your G/M series pistol. Must have part to keep your gun going. after going through so much mags playing cqb city my old catch was worn out and was dropping the mag less than a finger nail but it still made the gun stick and shoot out gas. But with this replacement catch it works great now and i wont have to replace it for a long time.

The only bad thing i found about the mag catch is that when i was installing it, the slit to put the rod back into wasn't big enough, but with a lot of filing i finally got it in there. I almost lost my rod in the processes, twice. Just be careful when installing and if you need help theres alot of videos on youtube about how to take it out
by James W. on 12/01/2008
"pretty good replacement part for the glock series...

dropped my glock with extended mag and the stock mag catch chipped since it's plastic, so everytime i fire, the mag falls to the floor.

buy this thing to fix any problems. installing this piece may require minor modification to the spring stick holding the stock catch in place.

follow this guide:

if that link is broke, it basically just says:

take out the magazine, field strip the glock, look into the grip, remove the stock mag catch by sliding the spring stick to the right, and pull outwards, pull out the spring stick with a pair of pliers, grind down the necessary length, replace, put in the guarder mag catch, clip the spring stick back in. sipmle.
by william t. on 11/12/2010
"Replacement steel replacement part over the KSC/kwa glock original PLASTIC mag release

However when I got mine, it did not quite fit into the gun 100% correctly at first it was actually worst at holding the mag than my original worn out plastic mag release, like if i put a mag into the gun and rack the slide, the mag would instantly fall out as soon the slide goes forward

but with a lil bit of filing and a couple whacks with a hammer, it works better than the original did and it only took me a couple of minutes of modifying to get it to work.

Since its made out of steel it should last a lot longer than the plastic one which this glock is several years old.
by Phillip C. on 07/13/2015
"good upgrade but be prepared to modify the spring rod. Don't try filing the catch, it is much easier to pull out the rod and cut about 1mm off of it!