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Matrix 8mm CNC Precision Steel Ball Bearing Bushing for Airsoft AEG

7 Customer Reviews

by George S. on 05/23/2013
"These bearings are great. I installed them into my high speed echo 1 g36 which i had origionally tried to install matrix solid bushings, which didnt fit level with the GB. So, I bought these and I am very pleased. They not only fit perfectly in the GB, but with perfect shimjob i get 23 revolutions out of one spin with all 3 gears installed. Before i was only getting 5 with bearing bushings.

-Fit level with GB
-Slightly over 8mm to compensate for wear
-Great preformance and build quality
-increase ROF and makes GB sound smoother
-Withstand 33rps and 360fps setup


All in all this is a great product especially for the price.
by paulette v. on 02/23/2013
"Very very happy with this product. They fit tightly in the g&g GB I put them in. The quality seams very good. They spin very well, reduce an enormous amount of friction. Up the performance of the aeg. Price is excellent. I don't think you could get a better deal for $15.
by Colin H. on 11/05/2012
"I bought these also to replace the brass bushings on my g4-a3. The bearings fit quite perfectly in my gearbox even thought there was SIGNIFICANT wear from the brass bushings in the bushing holes. The bearings function very smoothly. It is my final addition to solving the g4-a3's motor heat issues. The bearings provide a nice smooth rotation for the gears. With my bushings i got 3 rotations with a perfect shim. With these I got around 8 and half rotations on a single flick of my finger when perfectly shimmed! Very nice quality and price.
by Donald P. on 04/22/2012
"Great! they do the job!

I use them in my g4 pws diablo(g&g v2 gearbox)

Very high quality
Work great wit hmy shs gear set

none so far
by James Z. on 10/01/2011
"Great bearings!
fitted them into my G&G G4-A1 after i had a bronze bushing completely fail on me and destroy my spur gear (and later I believed cause my sector gear to fail a month or two later) any way bearings spin nice and free and also made my gear box a little bit quieter
when your shooting 330FPS @ 25RPS with an 11.1v 30C lipo its nice not to have a loud whining noise in your ear
and they spin SOOOO smooth its great also made shimming easier to do in the gun (could tell if too many shims were put in causing it to bind up)

All in all
precision made
made to exact specs (8mm O.D. X 3MM I.D)
no metal shield which allows grease to get in to lubricate)
large diameter "balls" in the bearing (chance of failure is MUCH smaller then compared to 6 or 7mm bearings I've seen way to many of those fail on my friends guns)

none that I have come across
well maby price but its worth every penny!!
by Tony D. on 05/20/2011
"GREAT Ball Bearings! Installed it in my VFC MK18 and it performs EXTREMELY smoothly. My trigger response improved gradually, thus rof increase. Great Ball Bearings. WORTH EVERY PENNY!
by jake h. on 11/20/2014
"Put them in one of my m4's with a 13/1 super speed gear set and shimmed it perfectly. Semi auto sounded fine but fully auto started grinding about 100 shots in. I saw a shim fly out the barrel so I knew something was wrong. Opened it back up and one of the bearings exploded inside the gun. One of the metal balls in the bearing just flew out and through everything out of wack. I bought them knowing this could happen from reviews I had seen and surely it did. I would not recommend these, atleast for a high speed set up. They can't handle it. Love matrix, hate these bearings.