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Military Grade High Grade AR-15 / M4 / M16 Carrying Handle Scope Mount Base

14 Customer Reviews

by Johnmariano G. on 05/28/2017
"Very good rail, this also works for Famas
by William B. on 07/16/2016
"I bought this to give rail space to my JG STAR Dragon.

- Solid construction
- Fool-proof installation
- Hollow, to still use your M4 Iron sights


It indeed gives my rifle much need rail space without a risk for giving out and damaging my optic.

(Cons left blank on purpose, because there are none.)
by ethan r. on 05/30/2016
"Very nice, strong and helpful mount. Fits on my G&P carrying handle like a glove, and my scopes do the same. Nice metal construction with no wobble.
by chris d. on 11/22/2013
"I mounted this item on the Matrix AR-15 M4 M16 Type Quick Detach Assault Rifle Carrying Handle, and it fits perfectly.

Very light weight with a nice finish.

A good option for adding rails very simply and non-permanently--one thumb screw and it comes off.

Recommended product
by Lampson N. on 04/08/2013
"This fit any M4 handle very well. I put this on my G&P M4 to create a high profile mount for my red dot. Another high profile mount could cost me more, but I only spent $9 for my high profiel mount. Good deal.
Totally made of aluminum, very durable. You dont need any fancy brand for this piece of metal, just buy this and save money for other stuffs
by Karan B. on 03/14/2013
"Fits perfectly on my JG M4 Enhanced Li-Po Ready.
I have owned this for 2 years and it still works like a charm.
Cheap Price
No Wobble
Strong Metal


by Bryce J. on 05/30/2012
"If you are looking for something so you can mount a sight on a G&G Combat Machine then you are in the right place! See with the Combat Machines (if you don't know) is that the front sight can NOT be removed so it interferes with optics. Even if your rifle doesn't have this issue, you're mask could also interfere with you're optics working properly for you. If you don't like the look of those risers and/or want a backup sight, once again you are in the right place! This thing is simple, durable, and nice.
by Joshua S. on 11/11/2011
"Ok for starters, its ten bucks! I got this for the Matrix M4 carry handle I just ordered, and it fit like a glove. It does sit up taller than what most people prefer, but I'm a little bigger than many of the other people... I think its great fit! The only con I think of is that it makes your gun look kinda doofy when you add a red dot on the top, but I'm pretty sure you can fix that by getting a lower profile red dot.

What I didn't know (or forgot to read up on) is that you can still use the iron sights with this rail on. Ya I know, good one holmes lol

Awesome product, great price, and adds a sweet look even if you don't use a red dot.
by Adam P. on 04/18/2010
"I bought this because my red dot couldn't see over my triangular front sight on my VFC M4ES and I bought this because I think it looks better and i can still use my iron sights without taking anything off. This is extremely durable and fits extremely well. I love this and it is very affordable. I would recommend this to anyone with an AR-15 (M4/M16
by Sherrel P. on 04/02/2009
"ok I ordered this part for my dboy m4, mainly because the reddot scope that Quiad bought me was a dovetail and the pins wern't long enuff to fit 20mm. I proly have got this anyway

: First impression, Rock solid fits my carry handle like a glove

~Rock solid
~has a hole so you can still use your iron sights - Very useful
~fits a mask very well

~will crane your neck if you dont have a cheek pad. This is good and bad

I love this and would buy it again
by Eivind H. on 07/27/2017
"Does the job, but doesn't fit my carrying handle very well, which makes it poorly suited to put a scope on, because it can be rotated a few degrees horizontally. I don't know if its my handle or the rails that are the problem, so I will still give this product 5/5, it does the job.

This is the handle it doesn't fit very well on:
by Jacob B. on 07/19/2015
"Bought this for my KWA KM16BR, which is an M16. It brings my optic to a comfortable level, where I can easily aim with my goggles and full mask.
BEST PART: You can still see through it and look down your iron sights.
Although, no matter how tight I screw it on, it can still be moved slightly. This isn't an issue though, because it's airsoft, and your optic doesn't need to be exact. Wouldn't recommend if you want your scope or optic to be perfectly zeroed in.
by Jason C. on 12/22/2012
"Good quality and high grade scope mount base.

- Cheap price
- bang for your buck

- Fitment varies depending on your carrying handle
by Chris P. on 12/02/2011
"Wobbly on my G&P M4. Metal seems decent but the screw that holds the scope mount to the carry handle is pretty cheap. I was expecting something sturdier.