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G&P M120 High Performance High Speed Airsoft AEG Motor - Long Type

30 Customer Reviews

by Charlie G. on 02/20/2017
"This motor came stock in my G&P M4. I have shot approximately 30,000 rounds through it. I shoot semi and full auto. I've had no issues whatsoever. I run a 9.6V Nick battery. I would recommend this motor.
by Andrew N. on 11/14/2016
"This is actually a great motor for cheap, despite what many of the previous comments stated, because they have not done their research. These motors are meant only to be used with 7.4v LiPos, not 11.1v as many previous reviewers have stated. This is a high speed motor, and LiPos are notoriously known for their high level of power output, so of course this would burn out after using 11.1v LiPos after a while. Once again, ONLY TO BE USED BY 7.4v LiPos.

Once again, 5/5 for this motor, and for such a low price, it's basically a steal!
by Nate M. on 01/17/2016
"Used for a long time, came stock in my rapid fire ii, works great love it just dont use an 11.1 lipo and you'll be all good.
by benjamin o. on 08/14/2015
"So I just bought this motor a couple months ago and it has up very well. I had a stock M4 shooting 16 rps then only by changing this motor, the battery to a 9.6, Swiss cheesing the piston, and getting a m120 spring got me to a hot blazing 26! This is an mid level elite force m4 we're talking about and it just boosted the gun to such a high eps for only just 50 bucks and some elbow grease. If you want a cqb setup on a budget. You can easily just run this motor on a mid level airsoft rifle and honestly I can say you're cqb game is good to go
by Parker B. on 02/24/2015
"I have run this motor is several of my CQB guns and have never had a problem. It will put out about 20 rps with a 9.6 Ni. Overall i would recommend this motor to anyone looking for a great high speed motor.
by Parker B. on 02/06/2015
"Made my ROF go up a lot. Easy installing
by Matthew B. on 01/13/2014
"durability: but from everything I know it's a pretty great motorFantastic upgrade over my stock G&G M4 motor. It raised my ROF by 8 bbs per second without any other upgrades. I am planning on switching out all of my other stock motors with this beast. Best price here at Evike and Saver Shipping only took 4 business days to my home in Denver :) I cant speak to its durability since I just got it installed but if its like any other of my G&P parts it should last worth its price.
by Thomas S. on 09/22/2013
"This motor has a nice high RoF for my P90. It was easy to install, it fits in the P90 motor cage (some motors don't, this one does) and doesn't seem to drain the battery. It really jumped my rate of fire up.
by Paul A. on 06/29/2013
"Great motor for a balanced M100/110 setup. I run this with my GR16 (everything ball bearing,shimmed perfectly) gearbox and the only thing heard is the motor and piston slap. I get 25rps on my m100 setup with a cheap tenergy 9.6v. Takes half a second to wind up, but when it does, it moves. Get an aftermarket motor grip because it can be noisy. It has no problem pulling the m100, i get 390 fps with .23s, mainly because it has perfect compression. It can bog down a little on the m110 but it still gives you better performance than stock. And remember, you are purchasing this motor for a higher speed setup, not torque, so don't expect it to pull anything over an m120 without complaining.
by John-Michael L. on 11/25/2012
"I just recently installed one of these into my echo 1 ASC (Scar-L) and it works brilliantly, I couldn't have asked for a better motor than this. It significantly raised my rate of fire and it almost never heats up. I used to have the Matrix 3000 long type motor, but changed over to this one when i noticed that the motor i already had was getting way too hot (could feel the heat through the grip and through my gloves).

Almost doubled my rate of fire

Almost never heats up (or very little)

None so far

Overall Its a 5/5, this motor is best one i can find, and I definitely recommend it to anyone considering a motor replacement or upgrade.
by Stephen B. on 12/19/2011
"Great Motor! I put this motor in my G&G blowback Combat Machine and now the rof is intense. I don't have a chrono but I feel like the rof was doubled, seriously. The stock motor was weak in comparison. I was blown away by the rof of the M120 motor. Make this a priority as far as upgrades go. I hope the internals of my gearbox don't wear out too fast.
by Leif E. on 09/02/2011
"Great motor! Provides quick trigger response and fantastic ROF. However, be careful combining this with high speed gears...
I installed this with a Systema m100 spring, modify high speed gears and a 9.6v 5000mah battery w/ deans and my ROF was chrono'd at an astonishing 57 bbs per second!!! Which was awesome, until my full metal tooth'd piston stripped.
by Patricia M. on 09/23/2010
"this motor is great on a half dead battery is was shooting about 20 rps w/ m110. the bbs are waaay closer together then before (i.e. shot after shot.)

only thing bad about this is the wiring and battery get super hot. i guess ill have to order a larger battery and lower resistance wiring. other then that, its amazing!
by Margaret H. on 04/10/2009
"BUY THIS MOTOR!!!!! This thing is amazing it made my CA p90 rof go through the roof combined with a 9.6 V battery,a box mag, and a mad bull tight bore, my gun is BEAST. You cant go wrong with this purchase it is fairly priced and is well worth every penny.
by Marc P. on 03/20/2009
"great motor very skeptical at first put it in and noticed an instant increase in the rof. putt me over 20 rps great price compared to other motors to. im running it on dboy version 2 gear box with m120 spring perfect upgrade gives u the lil extra boost in performance u want.