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G&P M120 High Performance High Speed Airsoft AEG Motor - Long Type

30 Customer Reviews

by Noah M. on 03/13/2009
"Ok so I put this motor into my jg sr16 with a 9.6 3000 battery i am getting a little over 20 rounds per second its a really great motor and i would reccommend it! I will say though that reinforced gears are a must!
by Jared D. on 01/08/2009
"my gun was shooting about 9 BPS.
Im using 8.4 and standard gears, raised my rof to 21.

out standing. slipped right in. I had no idea upgrading a motor could make such a differince.
super happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jonathan S. on 11/19/2008
"I have to agree that this motor will produce high ROF. I had a M249 PARA SAW and put this motor in it and it cranked out 23 bps...great motor!
by Michael J. on 09/14/2008
"Robert. The systema magnum is a "torque up" or "super torque up" motor. Magnum motors have "TORQUE" gear ratio that give it power to pull strong spring.

This is a "high speed motor". Thats why the rate of fire should be higher by default.

(Think like cars....the up hill gear ratio is slower, but with more power. THe down hill gear ratio is faster, with little power.)
by Robert G. on 09/13/2008
"22RPS? Are you sure about that? Because that beats the systema magnum into a pulp. Do you have the readings that you can show me or anything?
by Jarek d. on 08/04/2015
"This motor has some horse power and rpm. It's not the fastest, but it's not the slowest either.
Fits and works perfectly in a (echo 1 gearbox) P90 with the exception of the pinion gear. It's a little smaller, sharper, and more brittle than most pinions and does not work with most bevel gears out there.
by Suzette S. on 02/12/2015
"I just got this motor for my M4 and its amazing! It has a very healthy rate of fire and a good amount of torque. However, the pinion gear didn't work with my SHS 13:1 bevel gear so I had to use the stock bevel gear. Also, the part where you connect the wires to the motor is a little thicker than normal so I snapped my motor connector trying to get it onto the motor... still have to get that fixed... Aside from that, this motor is a good purchase and I would recommend it for a high speed setup or just a simple little upgrade!
by Nancy Z. on 06/02/2014
"This motor came standard on a g&p m14 I purchased about a mont ago. It worked great for about 4 or 5 games when all of the sudden the pinion head stripped. other than that it was a good motor. It gave me about 20 rps when it worked. If you buy one i would recommend getting a better pinion head.
by Noah M. on 03/21/2009
"Ok so this motor is fantastic! The speed is awesome but there is one problem i had with it. The pinion gear (the little gear attached to the end of the motor) stripped after about 1000 rounds. I would recommend buying the guarder reinforced pinion gear for it. It is still a great buy, and it performs like a 100 dollar systema motor!
by John S. on 12/29/2013
"Mixed review on this motor. When the motor works it is great.

I have two G&P guns. With my SAW the motor locked up after around 20k rounds. Replaced it with another and have run ~10k through it no troubles yet. With the M4 I've easily put 50k+ rounds through it with a mix of 7.4v lipo and 11.1 lipo and no problems other than the pinion head wearing down to a nub. I would recommend picking up a spare pinion head if you buy this motor.

I've also used the short type in an AK and had nothing but trouble from it. It stopped working after a few months of light use. Only using a 9.6v battery there.

None of the guns have over an M110 spring in them due to local field restrictions. Not sure if I just got the duds of the lot, or if there is some defect in the design.
by Cole T. on 04/14/2012
"This is a great motor I use a m110 with mine and a 11.1 lipo but it will just wear down rally bad and will pretty much turn into a stock motor after some usage ( mebay around 100k rounds) over all it's grat onion gear not best would rather go with the matrix turbo I have it now and it's Better really worth the couple extra dollars
by Beau S. on 03/10/2016
"So i got a g&p /knights armament m4 and with this motor in it and a g&p 11.1 lipo i was getting 33.3 rps unfortunatly it lasted only 5000 rounds and locked up ! So im undecided at this point ...
by Cody P. on 03/08/2016
"may of just got a lemon, but with the prebuilt g&p, it overspun with 11.1, causing double feeding with semi, and also locked up within the first 4 hours of game time.
by Aaron M. on 06/12/2016
"This motor comes stock in most G&P builds, as it did with mine. This thing lasted about 6 hours (total between multiple days) on 11.1 Lipo before fully locking up and burning out. I stand by most G&P parts, but this motor will have to be an exception for me.
by chandler w. on 12/15/2013
"All I can say is wow. It had a great start, had a great rof to pull my m120 spring. Then 300 rounds were sent through and the motor just stopped. I tried pulling the trigger and it feel it try to pull only for iy to fail. I could feel some heat from my grip which I found strange since my stock motor never overheated.

I pulled the motor out and it was actually burning through the calluses on my hand and fingers. Then i looked at the pinion gear and found it not stripped, but melted. I had already adjusted motor height and it showed when only a small amount of the gear was melted.

Note: I was only using a 7.4v lipo battery and it was shooting 20 rps and i was not going full auto for the 300 rounds. Three to five round burst and single fire. I would not recommend this motor to anyone