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10 Customer Reviews

by john l. on 09/07/2009
"There are a lot of knock off brands of the first factory box mag; However, this is for sure the best out there. the quality is great and its definitely worth the money. but most airsofters dont go for quality so just get the other ones then.
by Margaret H. on 04/10/2009
"This magazine was amazing it made my CA p90 go from alright to awesome. It allows for the use of a large battery so I slapped a 4200 MaH 9.6V battery in there and it has a good rate of fire and lasts all day.
Pro's: Holds ALOT of BB's (1500+ m4 hicap)
Allows for large battery
Looks way better than those ugly p90 mags
Feeds amzing with jg m4 hicap
Comes with battery cover and strap as well as wire harness to rewire for large battery.

Cons: The price is a bit much but echo 1 box mag is now available.
Adds a bit of weight but a p90 is already light, so come on.

Overall a great investment for p90 owners i am very pleased.
by John c. on 02/03/2009
"I have a tm p90 for two years now and figured that it would be best to buy hicaps big mistake they brake way to easy and are a hassle to fix after every three events i played at so i changed to just standards problem with this is that it adds alot more stuff to your loadout and you have reload alot when you have a high rof gun. So finally an offer came up to buy this for 75 dollars used. I bought it about a week ago and it is the greatest thing you can ever buy for a p90. It does not mis feed and it holds plenty of rounds it literally knocked about ten things off my loadout because it is really the only thing you need to carry with you when you go out in the field. Only thing that can be a hassle is the bbs that shake when you run but if this rattling is a big problem just put foam on the walls of the box that holds the bbs and problem solved.
by Robin K. on 01/12/2009
"this magazine will fit in the e90. i use it in many games and the only con i have is the noise it produces when running
by Alex G. on 10/27/2008
"will this fit inthe e90 p90???????????????
please write back
by Don D. on 10/27/2008
"A guys,ca this be used for a CA P90? And do you hav to get a 9.6v battery?
by Joshua H. on 07/20/2008
"oh then great, and if that is why it's loud then couldn't that problem be solved by sticking say some foam of some sort in there, sure you'd sacrafice around 250 rounds, but then you'd be alot more, stealthy...
by Joshua H. on 07/18/2008
"I have heard of two problems with this, one was that you cannot remove this after you install it, why would that be? the other was that it is pretty loud, I don't see a reason for this either...

It's a reall good idea, and I personally like the look of this better than the traditional magazines...
by Michael K. on 07/11/2008
"Tried using a auto-winding magazine from hero arms. It works, but the gun becomes too bulky. If you use an ICS or G&G M4 magazine that has a good spring, winding isn't too bad of a problem. This magazine already resolved the battery and magazine limitations that a P90 have, which were BIG problems making this magazine a must have for P90 users. Highly recommend it.
by Derek L. on 08/18/2008
"great conversion and well worth the money. if you are feed up with ms fires, you will love this gun.

it is also a great mod to remove the pin that holds the high-cap door open. this will allow you to use mid+lowcaps =]