Reviews: Matrix Airsoft Tactical Rubber Bayonet with Sheath & M4 / M16 QD Mount (Belt / MOLLE Ready)


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Model: Bayonet01
Location: V7-019

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by John S. on 2012-01-09 18:41:36
"I bought this bayonet a week ago it is very good it locks into place very good and it looks so good on my m4a1.when you put it on the gun there is no wobble at all. It has a ruber blade and a hard plastic grip.if you have an m4a1 or an m16 it will fit should get it because it looks good it looks real. i will giveit 5 stars
by Steven W. on 2011-12-25 00:53:41
"This item is pure fun and entertainment combined with realism. Its worth every penny.

Very durable, very stylish, gets lots of laughs and smiles.
by bryce h. on 2011-12-18 08:40:59
"One of my friend's gave me one of these it was REALLY nice but he had painted it gold :\ plus it didn't fit on my barrel, but anyways its a really nice knife its sorta hard so i wouldnt stab anyone, but i traded it with a guy right b4 we went and played a vampire match and he got a knife kill haha 3 actually.

Pros: Looks AMAZING (if its not painted) and its REALLY sturdy feels real.

Cons: it doesn't have any weight to it and its kind hard to move around with it in woodland.
by Sean W. on 2011-12-03 22:35:35
"This is a good melee weapon for CQB airsofting and it adds good effect to your M16 or what ever you use it for. But over all I use this for Knife kills and throwing knife kills. Its made out of a hard durable plastic and the blade is rubber.... would not recommend stabbing anyone, just because it is kind of hard. But over all
the knife is a good buy. It comes with a holster that is molle applicable so you can attach it to your vest, thigh holster and anything with molle on it, also you can mount it on a melt and of course as a bayonet.
by andrew r. on 2011-12-02 18:49:34
"My buddy Jacob has one of these knives, and it is pretty good (great for ten dollars), but it breaks easy... nothing a little duct tape (or super glue) cant fix. It broke while we were playing in an abandoned farm house, because somebody threw it, missed their target, and hit the wall. Very solid right out of the box but actually hurts if you stab someone with it. over all I say it's worth it. buy it!
by Paul T. on 2011-09-15 11:18:29
"Excelent knife for the price.
The handle has a space where it makes it seem real cheap, but it hasn't broke/come loose or anything and if it does, wrapping some electrical tape around it would fix it easily.
Fairly durable for being plastic and rubber - has taken some mild throwing, slashing, repeated sheathing/unsheathing and dropping.
You can't have a supressor/flash hider any larger than the standard barrel width or it won't fit on as a bayonet.
Adds a cool looking effect to your M4 or M16.

Worth getting no matter your level of experience or intensity of gameplay.
by Craig W. on 2011-08-06 08:13:44
"For $10 its not a bad knife. Sheath feels very toy like, but it is mostly for looks. As far as melee combat with it....I wouldn't stab someone, I'd go with a slashing motion. Its made of rubber and does bend, but its still sturdy enough that a stab could hurt someone. I don't know if I would paint it silver, any reflection could give you away if your trying to be stealthy and sneak around for a knife kill. Anyway, buy it, you'll like it!
by colton t. on 2011-01-14 14:11:05
"I happen to own a real m16 bayonet that my uncle gave me from vietnam. I must say the realism on this knife is amazing. Although, if you are a real knive thrower like my self, do not throw the way you would for real. This is only because it could hurt someone if they had light clothing. Otherwise wonderful product for wonderful price.
by Garvey Y. on 2010-12-27 20:23:32
"This thing is awesome. It has little weight, and can add to looks or be used in combat. Of course it isn't real or harmful, but it isn't the really flimsy either. When worn on a belt, it is hardly noticeable, and a strap can be used so it doens't come out of the sheath. On a gun, it adds some length, but it may help in battle. Definitely worth the money.
by Susan P. on 2010-12-17 13:09:05
"This bayonet is actually a nice piece of apparel/gear. The actual use of the bayonet is questionable, but if you're looking for a nice visual prop, this is top notch. Make sure to use good paint on the blade, because mine chipped off quickly. Also, watch the part on the handle that connects to the gun (in my case a G&G GR16 A3), because mine broke, making it unable to attach without tape or something.

+ Looks nice for the cheap price
+ Can actually take a beating. From throwing knives, to stabs, bending and even a garage door closing on it (it was by accident, and if felt like an idiot...)
+ A great piece for Mil-Sim

- It CAN break, just be gentle with it!!
- It can be a little bit of a hassle if you can't secure it somewhere.
- It can also be a hassle on your gun if you need to settle it because the bayonet can either get bent or just get in the way.
by patrick b. on 2010-12-12 08:25:03
"this is a good bayonet it is so cool when i ran out of ammo 4 meh m249 i took my super alpha and i used it like in mw2(modern warefare 2) it gr8 cuz when i was in da dark i stabbed like 10 ppl
by Karen G. on 2010-10-22 15:10:04
"this knife is very good, the handle is hard sturdy plastic that will last for a long time, you can slice something with it very hard and not do damage to someone at any extent but they will feel it (trust me) this is specifically made for m4 or m16 but will fit on most m14s, i do not use this for a bayonet i use it for a tac knife when i get assualted at point blank range i drop my gun and with this out and slash them across the chest, this is very effective and worth 10$

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 75 reviews)

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