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GenX Stealth Predator Skull Mask Airsoft / Paintball goggle system - Black (ASTM Approved)

13 Customer Reviews

by Michael R. on 08/13/2014
"I've been to a few games with this mask and I'm a little surprised, it's actually pretty decent. They hardly ever fog, even though I've used them on very humid days with glasses underneath. They also have replaceable lenses.

It does get quite uncomfortable after a couple of hours, but this has been my goto mask when all the slightly more expensive goggles I've bought have failed on me.

Like most masks, you can't aim down the sights well, but unless you're using a scope, this isn't such a big deal in airsoft.

I'm looking into buying one or two more of these as startup/backup masks for friends.
by Samuel P. on 10/28/2012
"For the cost I wasn't expecting to have a decent set of goggles, just something to get me through a game or two, and I expected the anti fog to last all of 5 seconds (I sweat profusely at the local CQB site).
But for such a low cost, it outperformed in every way possible; the mask was comfortable, light, strong and not one did I suffer from any form of fogging. Incredibly decent face mask for such a low cost, I'm surprised they are still in stock!

Five out of five.
by Kem H. on 10/12/2010
"Very very good mask, it protects my face very well. It is a comfortable mask with a cheap price. The lens are detachable, they are also anti-fog.

Pros:Low price
anti-fog lens
very breathable
great protection

Con:Kinda gets in the way with aiming, not too bad

Overall, I give it a 5/5.
by Kevin W. on 12/15/2009
"Use a higher profile mount. All full face mask will get in the way of aiming.

Over-all, this is a great full face mask because it is one piece. (Not flimsy, very solid and has ASTM approved lens.)

I give it a 5 because it is a perfect full face mask, comfortable and the price is great!

Great mask if you are going to engage yourself in a crazy Airsoft Fire fight. Low profile goggles are easier to aim and more comfortable, but they just don't work in some situations when it comes to face protection.
by Chawntou Y. on 03/10/2009
"The visor is detachable. Very breathable and easily adjustable. Very comfortable. I bought it for CQB, don't want any bbs hitting my face. Can't beat the price at $20, when you only need something to cover up.
by camille w. on 01/31/2009
"mask is nice but i don't like the visor........................................
by Connor C. on 11/06/2008
"This mask is incredibly comfortable and works like a charm. The only thing i have against it is the visor. Other than that it rocks.
by Bobby B. on 09/20/2008
"Never Fogs up and lasted me 5 hours of playing and there were no problems with the goggles. IT IS SO FRIGGIN COMFORTABLE!!!!!!
by Elias P. on 06/17/2015
"This mask is great. Its a great and comfortable fit. It reveals the cheek a bit anf the padding that makes thos full seel started to come out but i fixed that in 30 seconds with some hot glue. This mask never fogs and i play in 102 degree weather. It does not fit with a helmet. Overall this was a great investment and it's amazing for the price.
by Ian F. on 06/13/2015
"Great mask for a beginner, I've had it for a little over a year, and it has never broken or scratched. Great field of view, and it barely ever fogs. The only downside I have noticed is aiming, unless you have very tall irons or optics, you can't aim because of the size of this mask, otherwise, very good protection and visibility. 4/5
by Brad B. on 12/16/2011
"This is a good mask for the money. It has a good fit with a lot of coverage and large goggles. It has never once fogged up on me through many uses. The only issue is I am not able to aim down my sights while wearing this, which is the most common complaint. It is a good starter mask though until I upgrade to something that will work better for me.
by josh j. on 09/05/2009
"i got it a couple of weeks ago ya it it protects you but it gets in the way of aiming.
by Eitan K. on 09/12/2013
"This is not the most reccommended mask ever.

1: Fits nice
2: Nice foam inside around the eye area
3: Easy adjust
4: Easy removable lens
5: Removable visor
6: Can take a 360-430 FPS, I broke it with my friend's sniper rifle that is 560 FPS, and got to 430 FPS with my other friend's M4.
1: Can't aim with them
2: If you do try to aim the mask slides and reveals you'r chick
3: If you look up the mask leaves a open gap bettween you'r chin to the mask wich you can be shot there in the eyes, mouth. Bassicly every part.