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Matrix Tactical Drop Leg Triple Magazine Pouch Leg Platform - Black

8 Customer Reviews

by Joseph D. on 03/17/2015
"This is a really nicely made pouch. Its got the non slip grip on the straps that go on your legs so it doesn't migrate all over your leg.
by Bryan B. on 02/27/2013
"This is such a no-brainer thing to get! I use m4 mags (like most everybody) and I can carry 6 midcaps just on my leg, no including my vest! It stays snug on my leg since there are 2 leg straps. Seriously for $20 this is something that you will thank yourself for getting later on.
by Ken H. on 04/24/2010
"This rig is built tough. And versatile.

I bought this to carry additional magazines and ammo in the field for when i needed to drop my vest. I never expected it to be this good!
Each pouch will hold:
-two M4/M16 magazines
-one AK magazine
-One G36 magazine
-one 2000 round bottle of ammo
-assorted other items (large speed loaders, etc)
(the items above are what I have personally tried with the rig)

Usually with a leg rig, you have to worry about it sliding around on your leg. Well this rig has a slip resist band on both straps. Just keep the straps marginally tight when your leg is at rest and you will be good. The only issue I have ever had with this rig is its tendency to pull my belt down to as it tries to shift down. There are two solutions I have used. One is to wear suspenders. NO JOKE. (actually more like an H harness from military surplus stores) The other is to have it attached to your vest. It doesn't move down at all

I give the Matrix Mil-Spec. Tactical Triple Mag Drop leg rig 5/5
by Josh K. on 03/07/2010
"LOVE IT! This thing is MADE to SURVIVE. Really well made and a perfect accessory for holding Mx mags and pistol mags - or other things. Great buy!
by Bryant F. on 01/02/2010
"Very nice pouch. The basic concept iis very useful and minimally restrictive, and the materials are tough, durable, and overall high quality. My only warning is to be careful when using smaller magazines. I was using some MP5 magazines with it, and one fell out and was subsequently lost. I hardly blame the pouch, though--I was running frantically through dense brush, and I tripped and fell more than once. Not to mention MP5 magazines are probably the worst shape for this type of pouch.
Anyways, highly recommended. Makes reloading happy :)
by Ben W. on 05/15/2009
"This is one of the best leg mounted mag holders i have ever had. It holds 2 standard M4 mags, one of my friends even got it to hold an AK-47 mag(it barely fit though and would fallout if you jumped off a roof). It is a piece of gear which i use in every game. Looks great with any Camo you may use.

Buy it.
Use it.
Own it.
Pwn Noobs!
by Preston L. on 01/23/2009
"Ever since I have started airsoft, i have disliked the feel and style of vests for holding mags. So a friend recommended a thigh magazine pouch. I immediately spotted this one and man am I glad i bought it. It is EXTREMELY tough, almost feels Mil-Spec. On top of that, each pouch fits TWO of my m4 magazines wonderfully. I myself am a small guy. With Fairly skinny legs, but this adjusted perfectly, Fully adjustable length as well.I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that dislikes vests, or just needs more places to store mags or even battery's/speed loaders. The ACU is a perfect shade also, not to shaded or light like lots of ACU stuff out there.

by Jose S. on 12/02/2008
"Ever since I bought my Jg Mp5 i have been looking for a good mag pouch. I have purchased other pouches that look like they are the right size but i have ended up selling them because either they were too big and my mags fell out or they where too short and i couldn't fit the mags. That all changed when I purchased this pouch. The pockets where the PERFECT size if i put one mag in each pocket they would stay put because the pockets have some sort of elastic woven in that tightens down on the mags. Usually i only put one mag per pouch but it is roomy enough to fit two mags. The belt strap that comes with it allows the pouch to stay in one place without moving, and the thigh straps add protection from slipping