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WE Spare Magazine for HI-CAPA 5.1 / 4.3 / 3.8 Series Airsoft Gas Blowback (Color: Black)

16 Customer Reviews

by Tajae O. on 09/05/2016
"Holds an awesome seal and a great amount of gas these mags are perfect (I live in canada) and it was shipped to me no problem
by Joseph R. on 05/16/2015
"Nice for my KJW KP-05 but prefer OEM magazines.

pros, holds a magazine and a half, very nice solid feel.

cons, it's silver, it blinded me changing it in the sunlight lol... other con is I thought I broke the seal on my first fill, but no idea what happen, maybe gas cooing.. I filled the magazine then I heard hissing from the magazine and faint smell of propane. A few hours later I went to use the magazine and I had no gas leak, full magazine of gas. No idea what happen!

Other notes,
No where does it tell you how long to fill it, I placed mine under gas for 7 seconds. Mine wasn't even full still. No idea how long you can fill it, I believe 8-10 seconds max??

I filled mine up in 86F weather, lasted all day till some CQB action. I put two drops of oil in my propane tank and 2 more on my o-ring seal. I always shake the magazine after filling maybe that helped hold more gas? I heard to shake your magazines anyways.

5/5 good price $10 cheaper than OEM but I rather use OEM. Nice magazines if you are on a budget!!
by Cole B. on 01/06/2014
"I own one of these mags and it's my favorite mag to use for my Hi Capa 5.1. I've not had any issues with it, whatsoever. Beware of other reviews - there is no "rubber" bottom. It does, however, have a slim profile plastic cover. I intend to get more.

-works with all hi capa and likely all 1911's.
-no leaks

-The silver scuffs but it's not nearly as bad as the black mags since the colors are similar.
-no idea what this looks like stuffed into a 3.8
by David H. on 02/21/2009
"This is a great magazine, it worked great for a while and I've had mine for about 2. Although, I'm not sure if it's the pressure release valve or the lack of gas in the magazine, but mine started to leak.
by Matt S. on 02/13/2009
"umm..yeah this clip will probably work in ANY Hi-capa 1911. they're all the same at the top of the clip so they all fit. Im not sure about this exact clip, but my friends have WE-tech guns and they're clips fit in my KJW 1911 tactical
by Danny M. on 01/23/2009
"Yes they do work for the KJW M1911 tactical. I have one for mine. These are great mags and the rubber on the bottom gives it good protection from being dropped although the lips on top were you put the bbs in tend to chip and break if your not careful when you drop your mags.
by kyler t. on 11/27/2008
"No Garret it will not but scroll farther down and you will see 1911 mags these are all propane compat. exept co2 glad to help : )
by Mathew D. on 10/16/2008
"Great mag just got another one today my last one broke but the bottom does what it says absorbs most of the damage when it is dropped if it is. I dropped mine the first day of my last one and mag was fine but bottom broke off taking so much damage from the hill.
by Jonathan N. on 06/19/2015
"Pretty good mag. Used it constantly in-game. Not much to really say. Only downside is the baseplate breaks easily. After drawing it from my pouches several times, the plate slowly gets weaker and just snaps off. Good thing the replacement part isn't as pricey as I thought it would be.
by Jacob l. on 06/19/2013
"I thought it is a very sturdy heavy mag but after a little while it would lose all the gas after about 2 hours. Whenever i but the gas in it doesn't spray and but I can here it hissing from the gas.
high capacity

leaks after a while
by Daniel K. on 02/12/2013
by CJ E. on 11/29/2008
"You didn't "help" him, you just re-stated something he already knew.
by cristian m. on 01/03/2015
"This mags are pretty good but they leak and break very easy.

On my first day with these i was under heavy fire and my teamamte covered me to move back and and another guy was with me and then i tried to cover him. so I was in cover and i was crouching and i dropped the mag while i was reloading and it completey broke the bb's wouldnt, and neither would the gas.
I would still buy these but i am going to be very careful because they are very fragile.
These mags are otherwise very good
by Neal S. on 10/23/2013
"Be careful when buying this because it is stated to fit a Hi-Capa 5.1. Yes it does fit but the output valve is very different from the 5.1 mag valves. When i loaded it would gas , it only release a small puff of gas.

The good
Good look compared to the 5.1 mags

The bad
Does not work with 5.1 as stated above
by Brad D. on 03/04/2010
"same problem...i purchased my pistol from a buddy who didnt like that the hi-cap was sooo big, but anywho...i had purchased a 2nd mag from mighty Evike here, and sure enough...4 months later...she started 2 leak. A full fill of green gas will completely deplete in about 2 hours, regardless of use.

I would recommend that WEtech redesign their mags...cause my pistol is caput till i can either afford 2 more, or i can find some1 to fix the 2 mags i allready got.

I rate 3/5...
they work...for a while