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Matrix MP5 560 round High-Capacity Dual Magazine with Dummy Rounds

9 Customer Reviews

by Matt B. on 05/06/2016
"Looks great on my Elite Force and ICS MP5!!

Works as expected.
by Jean H. on 04/26/2014
"Great mag for the price. The only complaint is after about 5 games the "fake"bullets that slide so you can put bbs in the mag. Well it broke and i have to use a peace of tape to keep it closed. But it happens when you use your gear. But it still feeds and preforms like i just got it yesterday.
by Andrew P. on 05/26/2011
"Works super well, and functions very well too, just have to wind up the spring and you can get many good sized burst out of your mp5.
by Dan A. on 01/04/2010
"Great mag, used it in multiple games, and yes, it fits the jg mp5 because thats what i have n it works great. all in all, 5 stars, if u hav a mp5 n need more mag capacity, buy this mag.
by donovan e. on 07/03/2008
"This holds enough rounds to last you a couple of games if you aren't heavy on the trigger finger.
by Luke P. on 08/13/2011
"this mag is all right. the pricing is good because this holds as much as the $60 ones. the only problem is the mag is made out of cheap plastic but it survives many drops. the dummy rounds are the one part that makes you second guess this because if any authority ever say this as you were shooting they will probably approach you and tell you to drop your weapon. but besides that this is fine
by kevin t. on 10/15/2008
"Does this magazine fit the JG mp5 A4 RAS and does how many bb's does this hold????
by Ann D. on 06/19/2008
"Great mag I have it for my ECHO 1 MP5-J and its really good. I didnt buy it from here but still its the same thing. It hold enough bb's in it that u dont really need to reload in between games which is really nice. the reason I gave it a 4 is because its all plastic and can probably easilly brake. Also on mine its a little wobbley in the gun. i have had to take it apart once but it was fairley easy for a "noob" like me to do it, but all in all u can't beat a $10 500rd clip
by Jesse Joe M. on 09/05/2014
"I bought these with a G&G Toptech. These mags are okay. They are mostly plastic and don't immediately fit my MP5. Once I modified them a bit, I was able to get them to fit and feed very well. I can't speak to any other brand MP5, just the G&G top tech one.

What you'll need to do to get it to fit a G&G is, remove the little screw on the inside of the mag. It's a pain, but I used an xacto knife at an angle to get to it, then a pair of needle nosed pliers to remove the screw the rest of the way. Make sure you remove the screw before you try to put it in a G&G version MP5 as it will scratch the inside of your magwell. This in turn scratched the mag that came with it when I put it in later.

Since I took that screw out, the mag was a bit loose. So I superglued and zip-kicked a slight covering of the crack where the mag comes together.

Next, you'll need to shave down the bb port a little on the inside side of the mag. Around the front a little. I'd suggest you shave down a mm at a time until it fits.

After these small changes the mags feed great and fit wonderfully.

Make sure you don't jam or slap them in though. It will crack the magwell. They'll still feed okay, but they will wobble a bit when they're in there.

I'd probably not buy anymore of these for my situation but they may work better with other brands.