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Model: MAG-MTX-AK600x1

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by Nathan S. on 2015-05-25 16:20:49
"These are really great mags, Ive had zero problems with them. They give that classic ak47 aesthetic. They feel nice and are made of good metal. I would recomend them any time, and Im planning on purchasing more in the future.
by michele V. on 2014-02-22 10:03:48
"This is a great mag. it really holds 600 rounds and I do not have to wind up this mag very often. now for the pros and cons.

600 rounds
metal outside
fits in most ak-47's
not to much winding
plastic inside
outside gets scratched easily
by Alex E. on 2013-08-02 07:29:12
"I own 6 of these magazines and I can say that these perform greatly and never misfeed into my gun.



They have weight to them (If you rapid reload like I do by hitting the mag release lever with another mag and insert that mag it's easier with a heavier magazine.)

No misfeeding into gun


2 out of my 6 have weak covers where you pour your bb's into the magazine which can be annoying if they open if you set them down somewhere.
by Justin M. on 2012-02-29 15:17:17
"This is a MUST HAVE for ALL AK47 owners!
It is of good metal quality, holds a TON, so if you own 2 or 3 you are set.
Tip for all hi caps: Don't wind it to the point where it gets stuck, but at first, you will hear the bbs flowing up on the initial wind. Then, after it gets a little tight, wind it about 10 more times, as this will allow more bbs to shoot before the next windup.
by Matt S. on 2012-01-11 18:06:39
"This mag is awesome, and yes, it is compatible with Cyma AK47s, such as CM028 and CM042. It's plastic internally, but has a zinc alloy shell. Holds 600 rounds just as it says, and it's a pretty tough mag. Overall, if you have a gun, a spare mag is pretty necessary, as well as a great add on to your airsoft armory. It winds like any other standard high capacity magazine.
by jonathon w. on 2011-11-22 12:28:45
"this mag feels great and has a nice weight to it just for that 5/5
by Nate F. on 2011-03-29 19:56:00
"I run a small airsoft team/repair group in Ohio called CAST and CAST always rates any airsoft material based on three catagories; feel, function, and fees.

feel- this mag does a great job looking like a real bannana clip and is made of mostly metal so it is also tough, and also fits really well into all AK guns in our team. 5 stars

function- this mag feeds really well, has the option to key wind, and holds 600 in the tub and 60 in the clip (i.e. loaded to fire as is). these mags have been a part of our wars for over a year with no issues at all. 5 of 5

fees- we figure the cost of materials $10 cost of manufacturing to $5 cost of quality to another $5 so we figure we are getting a great deal at $15 dollars. we give the mags a 5 of 5
by Fernann M. on 2010-10-06 19:11:09
"having 2 of these thanks to evike's holy cow deal for ym trusty JGAK47. id say this fairs even better than the stock polish mag it comes with.

although for my gun its actually kinda tight to put in for some reason, i dont wanna do any sanding cuz i may ruin this high quality mag.

also supports winding
by Hugh W. on 2010-06-22 09:42:58
"I just got this mag in yesterday. I have to say, they feeding is great, the material quality is AWESOME, the winding gear is fast and winds smooth, and you have the option of using a winding key. Not to mention the 600 round capacity! For $15, this mag is a steal! I bought this mag for my CYMA CM.028. The only problem is that this mag wobbles.... A LOT. I don't know if other CYMA owners have this problem or if it's just my gun. It would have been 5 stars if the mag hadn't wobbled so much. It's not that big of a deal, it just bothered me a little.

Very nice metal design
Very high capacity (600 rounds!)
Nice weight (Its a plus for me, I like realism)
Great price

Wobbled in the magwell (this hasn't been a problem for a lot of posters here, but it was for me)

Over all, I'd recommend this to a friend any day!
by Andrew V. on 2010-04-12 22:55:36
"There are reasons that this is priced lower than the 45 dollar marui mag, but for the price its pretty good.
The Good:
Its metal. The outer metal shell is solid and I doubt its going to be breaking anytime soon. The mag feeds GREAT. My gun is shooting a very high ROF and the mag keeps up no problem. You dont have to wind it for ages. Its not like two winds and you are done, you still have to do it a bit, but its not as much winding required as some mags out there.
The Bad:
Mine didnt come with a winding key. Im guessing it was a mistake, Im going to call them about it. The mag is not FULL metal, as advertized. Its pretty much a metal shell that slides over a plastic frame with metal caps for the top and bottom. But it is encased in metal, so its sturdy enough. The mag is near impossible to take apart. No visible screws, things to slide off, or anything like that. The bottom plate on mine slides back and forth (and off once, its hard to get back on) when I wind. Im guessing if I tighten the connecting pieces with pliers it should stay. Not sure about this, but examining the paint job looks like it will scratch easily.
by Gr H. on 2010-01-03 15:52:49
"WOW! A full metal 600 rd hi-cap for only $15! That sounds too good to be true, and it is because it isnt "Full" metal or hold 600 rds. It is still a GREAT deal since you cant find hicaps for less than $15, but I was a little dissapointed when the advertising setmy hopes so high. First off, the very top and middle of it is plastic and the outside is a metal shell. And no, I didnt count each bb, but I filled it all the way, packed it down, wound it, packed in some more and packed those down... filled it till it held no more. And then spilled those out into a pile and tried to fill those bb's into a 375 hi-cap. There was about fifty left over (did count those) so 50 + 375 = ~425. Still A TON of ammo, just less than I expected. I test fired it and it fed beautifully, no problems there.

I highly recommmend this magazine for the price and quality, my only problem is the advertising.

evike, please change
by Adrien P. on 2009-09-30 15:21:15
"A nice metal AK-47 magazine for a nice price! I bought it for my D-Boys RK-02 AKS-74 rifle, and it did not fit perfectly because the catch was too thick to be caught by the gun's magazine catch. This was easily fixed by sanding down the catch a small amount. If you are going to do this, check each time you sand to make sure you are not doing too much. Now it fits in with a satisfying click!

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